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On his 4-day trip to the Middle East, Joe Biden gave a new definition to Barack Obama’s foreign policy of “Leading from Behind,” and it is not good. “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” refers to the opening gun shoot in April 1775 in the opening battle in our War of Independence from the tyranny of King George and the British Empire. Americans were seeking their God giving rights of independence. The fist bump seen round the world will be forever remembered as the greeting that Joe Biden gave Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, when with his hat in his hand, begging him for more oil, sacrificing our energy independence.” Fist bumps are a traditional way to say “way to go” to a friend and ally. You see them all the time in baseball dugouts when a player is greeted by his teammates after hitting a homerun or making a great catch.

In Saudi Arabia, the world saw a picture that is worth a thousand words. The picture they saw was Biden telling the world. “I was just kidding when I called the Prince a Pariah. I am know telling you that all is well with Saudi Arabia and their brutal regime. It doesn’t matter how many Washington Post journalist they order dismembered. As Democratic Senator Chris Coons told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “The American people were revolted from what they saw.”

Saudi Arabia got everything they wanted: an audience on their terms with the American President. Presidents only visit peer nations. Now Biden has made them for the first time our peer, no matter what their record is on human rights. So, what did we get in return? As Kellyanne Conway stated, not even enough oil for the tinman’s can in the Wizard of Oz.

So, why did he humiliate our great country? The answer is plain and simple. The far left-wing radicals that control the Democrat Party do not want our energy independence that President Trump delivered. If it truly were about the existential threat of climate change as they claim, they would not want drilling anywhere. In fact, they would insist on drilling if it had to be done in a country with an EPA, not Saudi Arabia.

Since day one of his administration, Biden has done everything in his power to destroy our energy industry. His party is against our energy sector period. Why? It is all about our freedom as ordinary citizens. They only believe in freedom of liberal elites. Energy independence gives us all independence from their government edicts. So, what horrible regime will he beg next for oil? Iran, who claims now they have the enriched uranium to make the nukes to destroy Israel? Will they choose Venezuela who has invited China to be their partners in energy and infrastructure development giving our biggest adversary a major foothold in our hemisphere? We may get a little bit more oil from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela but at what cost to our world standings and energy independence? We can produce oil cleaner and more efficient for our use within our borders. We can then export our excess capacity to our true allies around the world.

President Trump fully embraced President Reagan’s “Peace through Strength” doctrine and actions. This especially requires strength in all areas of our energy sector. When our energy sector is weak and dependent, there can be no true peace in the world. This is not a Republican policy. It is an America policy.


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