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Applauding SCotUS...with Caveats

On June 8, 2023 SCotUS affirmed the federal District Court [Allen v. Milligan] finding Alabama's Congressional map likely violated the Voting Rights Act. I applaud this inferior decision, polluted by a century of unconstitutional mappings... driven by the arbitrary 435 limit concentrating power to HoR members. Sadly, SCotUS shows little resolve to follow the Constitution and make our House representative again, so I submit strong caveats on how to proceed with elections after redistricting for a second 'majority minority' US House District.

Some readers will recall many warnings I've provided these past decades on 'cascading' problems driven by not adhering to Constitutional representation rules, from a dysfunctional Electoral College to promoting discrimination/hyper-gerrymandering. The May 2022 Alabama Gazette column entitled, "Discrimination via Poor Representation" explained the clause [Art. 1, Sec. 2] designed to guarantee our representative republic of States. I'm weary from efforts to educate those who proudly display their ignorance asserting democracy - a word which can NOT be found in our US Constitution.

Observation of how far we've 'progressed' since the 435 limit was imposed (1929) by DC oligarchs speaks for itself as we evolve further away from the one representative for every 30,000 (round-up) rule well argued at the Constitutional convention. As population increased this past century, we now have one representative for about 800,000. Well over a 25 fold reduction in real representation concentrating power to a more insulated, corrupt DC politburo that's behaving exactly as the founders cautioned... if citizens were foolish enough to allow. 1929 was highly influenced by 'Progressive Era' national socialist types, successfully redefining the lost cause of fighting for independence and sovereignty to championing hegemony and white supremacy. A very effective way to block non-progressives/decentralists from Congress, this dissolution of our representative republic aided and abetted the desired result with hyper-gerrymandering, excessively restrictive ballot access laws and a rigged system to install big gov't [traditional] conservatives and [modern] liberals to establish our command economy.

Many forecasted Alabama losing a US House seat in the 2020 census. Federal judges planned to use reduction to six seats as an excuse to avoid 'doing right' where one House member would be 17% (1/6) of the population instead of the 14% (1/7) result. Somehow 17% would magically better match Alabama's 27% Black population than 14% in the minds of federal jurist who are either ignorant or unwilling to abolish the unconstitutional 435 limit results and attenuate concentration of power to DC oligarchs. When one less congressperson didn't come to fruition and this lame 'get out of ruling free' card didn't evolve, the Allen v. Milligan ruling became much more likely and shamelessly continues the unrepresentative 435 sham.

Allen v. Milligan further illustrates it is long overdue for legislators and judges to restore ALL voters' rights and allow more representation and candidates as designed by our wise founding fathers. Let's move toward the designed representative 'diverse' result, incrementally increasing (it took us over four score sail this far off course) to about 140 Alabama members in the US House and become what our Constitution designed/envisioned. Don't care what judges and current politburo members say the number should be... Washington weighed in when delegates suggested lowering the threshold down to one for 20,000 population. Some States did not yet have enough population for the 30,000 rule in the 1780s. This moved delegates to include text that each State (as the Sovereign unit) must have at least one representative, causing the unconstitutional 3 Elector State tallies in presidential elections today under the 435 abomination. Until one exhibits the fortitude, visionary wisdom, integrity and intelligence of George Washington, I'm unwilling to consider any unconstitutional number submitted.

Imagine how much 'un-mined' intelligence, talent and less biased, competitive thought buried by our incompetent (at best) judicial decisions these past several score when contemplating future elections, hopefully mapping more representative/less gerrymandered districts under this absurd static, unconstitutional seven district result. Congressperson Terri Sewell has been most discussed. Her disregard for civil rights (esp. for wrongful taking from Black landowners and others unable to defend themselves) is exactly what DC oligarchs want installed into their packed, unrepresentative, hyper-gerrymandered districts. Under constitutional (one for 30,000) districting it is less likely the politburo could draw a mapping result to install her.

Reduction from 1/7 to 1/140 power would correctly dilute Ms. Sewell's rhetoric (along with other AOC, MTG, et al extremists) where she would require others in the Alabama delegation to gain support/traction for consideration of proposed legislation. Remember a Constitutionally correct HoR wouldn't pass much federal legislation - reduced to issues more representative of the people. My Congressperson is similarly installed, thankfully he's too incompetent/lazy to get much accomplished. There was a brief moment it appeared he found a spine donor, speaking out against big govt. Democrat Trump (currently a corporate welfare queen in the Red jersey) but when pandering to the duped was more expedient... that fleeting moment of bravery quickly expired.

Presidential and congressional elections all the way down to county commission and city council districts exhibit this growing discrimination via poor representation results from flawed districting. Efforts to restore representation are finding the usual 'alphabet soup' of resistance [ACCA, BCA, et al] to continue on the path of more concentrated political power as these political parasites strive to keep their political theft churning. The hyper-gerrymandered mapping that install Terri Sewell caliber politburo members is about to be tested a little. If the duopoly offers such flawed candidates in the general election, it is more likely a big govt. conservative (i.e., Republican) may win to redistribute more to the red parasites at a time when blue parasites are getting relatively less of productive citizens' wealth.

In closing, there were seven non-duopoly US Congress candidates in the 2022 election cycle now determined improperly districted. It seems prudent to allow other candidates access to the 'more perfect' districts in the 2024 election without having to overcome Alabama's wildly anti-competitive ballot access laws yet again. Unlikely our politburo, which abhors political competition, would allow this; I suggest the duopoly look to recruiting sound small gov't. nominees like Portia Shepherd and Richard Benderson (if wanting to address 'majority minority' designation advancing a Black candidate to compete with Sewell) who've shown understanding of how deleterious the duopoly parties have been to the common, productive, decent citizens of Alabama.


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