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Never Apologize for Being Right

We are once again in the middle of another absurd chapter of the liberal Democrats and their willing allies in the media attacking the values that most Alabamians live by. This time, the crosshairs are on Jason Aldean, targeted over his new song and accompanying video, "Try That In A Small Town."

The charge, predictably, is racism and pro-lynching — a baffling claim considering the song makes absolutely no reference to race whatsoever. Instead, Aldean sings about the 2020 summer riots which, ironically, wreaked havoc primarily in black neighborhoods and businesses.

Through his song, Aldean vividly paints the picture of urban anarchy, violent confrontations, and cities in flames. His message is clear: "That stuff may fly in the city. Good luck trying that in a small town." It's a tribute to self-reliance and a refusal to succumb to the lawless disorder that's consumed our urban centers.

But the left sees this as a threat. Their plan to reshape America relies on subduing strong, independent-minded citizens, particularly men who refuse to be bystanders in the face of anarchy inspired mobs and riots. Hence, they slap the “racist” label on Aldean, while conveniently ignoring music genres that openly glorify violence and crime.

Case in point is N.W.A's song and video, F….. the Police. The video promotes violence against law enforcement and should have raised alarm bells across the nation. This video's message is irresponsible and dangerous, yet the liberal left and the media turns a blind eye to it, failing in its duty to uphold societal values and promoting accountability in the entertainment industry.

Aldean's song is an homage to the values of small-town America, an affirmation of freedom and the right to self-defense. But to the left, it's a red flag. And in their woke hysteria, they've chosen to try to silence him.

But here's the rub. Aldean's not facing a backlash for racism. He's under attack for daring to challenge the narrative of the left. He's being punished with loss of airtime in some arenas like Country Music Television, likely jeopardizing awards and recognition, simply for speaking against the unchecked lawlessness being touted as a progressive norm.

In an interview with Fox News, country music legend Lee Greenwood, best known for his inspiring song "God Bless the USA," came to the defense of singer Jason Aldean Greenwood, a self-described "Bible-thumping, gun-toting Christian," praised Aldean for representing the "small-town flavor" with his lyrics and urged the country artist to tune out the noise. "I am from a small town in California and people cannot take our freedom away because people know everybody in a small town, and that is what the heart of America is. It's rural America," he said.

I say to Jason Aldean: Stand tall. I stand with you as does most of Alabama. You owe no explanations to the left and your critics. You've crafted a symbol of defiance, a voice of truth. The left might seek to mute your song, but they can't drown out the truth. As Bill O’Reily would say “the spin stops here” because we have your back.

As Americans, we must demand better. We deserve responsible journalism that presents the whole picture without fear or favor. Instead of embracing sensationalism and perpetuating division, let us strive for media that fosters understanding, promotes unity, and encourages productive conversations about the challenges facing our communities today. Only then can we hope to build a more tolerant, empathetic, and cohesive society for future generations.


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