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Two Faced Senator Teletubby

Another one of our overcompensated ‘public servants’ made Alabama proud with potato-head mutterings and dim-witted TV comments this past month. Sunday talking head ‘Tube-R-ville’ mispronunciation amplify despair of how little Teletubby’s handlers improved performance of this highly subsidized (this IS Auburn) football coach milking the RSA on par with Florida resident Jay Jacobs… that is, if one controls for Tubberville’s shorter duration at Alabama’s hog-though on the Plains.

Lee County Commission Watcher Rudy McCumsey, among the most courageous these past years addressing commissioner corruption (including one of the most accomplished politburo thieves who shamelessly brags about his connection to Coach Tubberville) evoked thoughts of how two-faced the Teletubby has been stating the following:

Tommy Tuberville coached in arguably the toughest college football conference in the country. He coached an undefeated season in 2004 with a team of diverse players from all walks of life. Recently he’s on record saying white nationals should be allowed in the military. White nationalists say they seek to ensure the survival of the white race and the cultures of historically white states. Why support a political candidate, now senator, who thinks white nationals aren’t racist? It clearly states their ideology in the name yet our senator can’t comprehend this and is willing to double down on remarks.

Corruption refers to the abuse of power for personal gain or the misuse of public resources. In Alabama we don’t have to look too far back in history to see former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard ethics violations. Corruption results in significant economic burden on taxpayers; eroding trust in public institutions. Corruption exacerbates existing social and economic inequalities. Corruption within governmental systems has far-reaching consequences, particularly when it comes to the misuse and misappropriation of public funds. If we don’t speak up and at least question our elected officials then we aren’t any better. This is a government for the people, by the people and we need to start holding all elected officials accountable.

Mr. McCumsey’s ‘doubling-down’ observation and call to question prompts me to ask, which Teletubby position will be next? Some may recall when ‘Coach Tubby’ evoked getting rid of the battle flag as a weapon of ‘mass distraction’ from his poor recruiting skills. When folks asked why I didn’t support his coming to Auburn, this was among the reasons I found him dishonest and not very bright. Long time column readers will recall I’m a fan of Shelby Foote who despaired at Tubberville’s folly w.r.t. the battle flag, giving up hope the flag’s symbolism of fighting for independence and State sovereignty was finished at Ole’ Miss. One thing Alabamians can depend on is our Senators (one an overpaid football coach and the other a high end political prostitute making $574,000 a year from the BCA before installed last election) will go for money, power and party over their oath, principle and integrity -- every time. And yes, Shelby Britt’s replacement at the BCA is another big govt. Democrat for those who care more about the colour of one’s jersey over her character. Similarly difficult to believe AU politburo members up in DC wearing the blue jersey, one vowing he cares about women’s health in the military after some of those who genuinely care about Auburn requested this Board member [Austin] address a corrupt FAR (Faculty Athletic Representative), Girl’s Softball rape, etc. Of course, this true of love of AU doesn’t reconcile with Bentley/Ivey style ‘Auburn Luv.’

Recent Teletubby episodes drove commenting again on which addressed supremacy and sovereignty as my first column in retirement from AU where civil rights are oft subject to malice, recently affirmed in federal court. I evoked Antonin Scalia’s understanding, intellect and Spirit on issues of supremacy, sovereignty, power and authority. Justice Scalia’s explicit courage as a ‘fool for Christ’ surprised some, given his station and “originalist” reasoning. Seems fewer DC politburo members, esp. the Britt, Jones, Shelby, Tubberville types appreciate why the First Commandment was put first and how most ‘miss this mark’ by making something else, usually government(s) their god. I provided many Scriptures in that 2019 column, from Acts to Zephaniah, asserting God’s supremacy and sovereignty throughout time.

So Teletubby once again triggered further discourse on national socialism, white supremacy, etc. as our senators show great ignorance and inability to think critically… proffering further embarrassment fueled with the fallacy of generalization. In our hegemonic, hyper-centralized result, many find it easier to distance oneself from God; rewarded (in the short-run) to embrace greater government control and power. Sadly, most cannot (or denial/refusal) identify government(s) as the source of their problems over the ages. If one wants to address more substantive harm Tubberville has proffered with ‘interim’ positions in the military, it is doubtful he’s sees anything wrong after coming from ‘interim-U’ at Auburn, where retired generals offered no objection - esp. if remonstration of this sort would obstruct wealth transfers to ‘public servants’ like Lowder’s AU credit card political theft, Rane’s kitchen and luxury condo on the backs of students and taxpayers along with other Hubbard-grubbers these past decades.

Senators like Shelby Britt and Tommy Teletubby don’t possess the character and intellect to comprehend security threats our alphabet soup of agencies present (ATF, CIA, KGB - er, I mean Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, TSA, etc.) instead of federal marshals for civilian and ONI for military/non-citizen investigation as the only two security Agencies/Departments under the Executive. Ever increasing bureaucracy under our decaying/less representative politburo is exactly what the founders feared and predicted. Trump’s ‘Space Farce’ and the wealth transfer/distortion to bring more unsustainable growth to Alabama further destroying the generic, productive (non-parasite) citizen’s quality of life is just another iteration. No doubt Space belongs under the Navy with an established history of solving navigational problems, fuel and provision capacities/constraints, etc. and purposefully not placed under a 2 year appropriations limit. How much has our federal government squandered on ‘defense’ redundancies of this sort over safety, economy and security? Yes, I do expect to get the usual ‘nastygrams’ from political parasites as a result of typing this… most political hacks do not have the ability to see themselves as such - if they did, they’d likely have the Spirit and intellect to not be a parasite.

Many encounter self-labeled christians of poor spirit - do you reject all Christians? I’ve dealt with poor administrators, coaches, doctors, engineers, lawyers, lobbyists, policemen, priests, soldiers, students, university presidents… that doesn’t prompt me to reject them all but look more closely for those of good Spirit. I’ve observed progressives (the worst among the white nationalists/supremacists) co-opt the Cross, flags (e.g., battle flag, 34 to 50 Star US) etc., which doesn’t make me reject the symbol but to rebuke a burning Cross advancing evil ends. I’ve observed battle flag and US flags used by progressives to advance false and most violent white supremacist rhetoric. I’ll never overcome disdain for misuse of the US military flag - esp. despotic politburo members in DC wearing it on their lapel like a shield. The military flag is constantly dishonoured/stained when used where inappropriate or flown where the civilian federal flag (purposefully phased out to make the point of DC hegemony) applies. I nonetheless revel at our flag flown where indeed apropos and what I know is still fundamentally good in those stars and stripes waiting to move us forward again toward liberty and away from leviathan. It is clear political hack Teletubby parasites of this world who stand for nothing fail to hold the intellect and integrity to be sound stewards for our State that purposefully remain irresponsible to their oath. Shame on us for (re)installing them in Alabama.

Postscript: Some asked to provide thoughts on “No Label” party movements getting increasingly more mass-media attention. Not displaying much traction in Alabama, national ‘talking head’ Sunday press showcased former Sen. Doug Jones, who offered little more candlepower than the football coach parasite and political prostitute BCA cheerleader senators mentioned above - i.e., nothing to crow about. Little surprise Jones failed to mention strong turnout on the margin by non-duopoly candidates (esp. Bishop) is what installed Jones into his brief US Senate stint to be replaced by a mediocre at best football coach who’s shown himself even more inept at understanding and following the Constitution. Unlikely the third party which had ballot access under the unconstitutional congressional districting last election will be allowed on the ballot for the corrected ones, given how tyrannical our State is w.r.t. allowing political competition. Comments from those who understood the June Gazette column on Birmingham I&R as a way to make a difference are much appreciated. More recently the Libertarian Party of Madison County Alabama [LPMCA] filed a resolution for participation in the 2024 primary election. Information may be found at [Ollie Rhys, Chair] or contact coordinator, Anson Knowles at (256) 698-4933. LPA success in the 2022 General Election (Alan Barksdale’s Sheriff race; 23% and Laura Lane’s PSC race; 26%) earning at least 20% qualified LPMCA a major Political Party for Madison County elections removing ballot access petition requirements for any county office (or below) race.


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