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Christ is Born - Glorify Him!

This year’s Christmas column is once again intended

to be at least one sobering moment in veneration of our

Saviour’s birth; reaffirming the importance of standing

against tyranny in this world.

My devout, wholehearted prayer is all who know the

Power of Jesus Christ’s teachings will take Him into

their hearts this blessed season and overcome

alethophobic [fear of truth] distractions and

destruction by those make government(s) their god.

Little surprise as more deny/reject God’s Truth, enabled by ignorance of

historical outcomes which illustrate societies embracing unrighteous paths, fuel

more troublous times. All combat is spiritual as we observe evil beget more

evil. I know the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ, Son of the true God is

indeed greater than the spirit of evil in the sons of Nimrod, Caesar(s) et al

(observed in many iterations these past millennia) because it is His name which

remains above all nations.

This small Child of God, relegated to be born in a cave at the behest of a

despot setting the world on a course toward increasing darkness, in the City of

David among the lowest of mankind (by worldly standards) would do more to

bring Light and the Spirit of Zion to a wicked world that the

authoritarians of Rome could possibly contain.

Regression to ‘Eye for an eye; Tooth for a tooth’ is once again on course to

leave many blind and toothless. Again God’s chosen move away from the Holy

Spirit. Those who invite me to stand with Israel appear unwilling to

understand I’m trying to stand with God. The further Israeli national

socialists move from God, the more difficult it is to stand with them.

After millions of Jews suffered so terribly under German national socialist

authoritarian rule last century (aided and abetted by foolish U.S. involvement

in WW I breaking the stalemate… hubris to believe any man-made war may

end all wars) a righteous person would never expect Israel pressing similar

‘ghetto oppression’ as Israeli national socialist imposed

upon Palestinians these past few score.

The wicked want the righteous to give in, stand down or

be fooled into standing with them. As you celebrate the

beginning of Jesus Christ’s path into this world

during the Christmas season, understand the magnitude

of the mission His Father set Him upon. If you truly

believe and adhere to His teachings, it destroys the power

of death and darkness.

The Light and Wisdom of Jesus we claim to venerate this holiday (dare I type

Holy Day?) thwarts despotism. The example and teaching of Jesus showed us

the way; it is up to us to have the courage, faith and sagacity to follow.

This Christmas and New Year consider standing with God and provide input as

a peacemaker to shepherd Israel toward God and not another iteration of

deo-Christian failure. Understand Palestinian frustration under Israeli

despotism, but do not applaud the evil manifesting from decades of ahegemony.

If we do not stand well against evil and corruption in our everyday lives, we’re

failing and the righteous efforts many suffered so mankind may not be doomed

to endure the agony of more cycles/iterations of despotism. Resistance to

tyranny is obedience to God. You can be God’s servant OR a servant of

despotism; impossible to serve both. It really is that simple. The choice is yours

to (re)affirm every Christmas…


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