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30 Republican sheriffs and police chiefs endorse Justice Sarah Stewart for Chief Justice

The heated battle for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court race is drawing attention from across the state. On Monday another round of key law enforcement leaders announced their endorsements of Associate Justice Sarah Stewart in her bid to be chief justice.

30 Republican Sheriffs and police chiefs came out to support her effort to be the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Stewart is running against former State Senator Bryan Taylor (R-Prattville).

"These endorsements solidify Justice Sarah Stewart as a true "Tough on Crime" judge and should be a message to voters that she truly believes in "Law and Order," Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego said. "Justice Stewart has the confidence of law enforcement officers, and our community is behind her."

Justice Sarah Stewart has 20 years of judicial experience, including six years on the supreme court.

"I am honored to have the support of these conservative Alabama law enforcement leaders," Justice Stewart said. "Our county sheriff deputies and municipal police officers are the frontlines of protecting our communities and our property. They are faced everyday with the challenges presented by illegal immigration, a growing drug trade, and a pandemic of lawlessness across our nation. I'm thankful for their support, and they certainly have always had mine."

The list of law enforcement endorsements includes:

Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego

St. Clair Sheriff Billy Murray

Madison Sheriff Kevin Turner, Madison

Baldwin Sheriff Hoss Mack

Mobile Sheriff Paul Burch

Mobile Sheriff Sam Cochran (Ret.)

Tuscaloosa Sheriff Ron Abernathy

Coffee Sheriff Scott Byrd

Lauderdale Sheriff Joe Hamilton

Talladega Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore

Jackson Sheriff Rocky Harnen

Washington Sheriff Richard Stringer

Clarke Sheriff Dewayne Smith

Calhoun Sheriff Matthew Wade

Pickens Sheriff Jordan Powell

Lamar Sheriff Marty Gottwald

Fayette Sheriff Bryan Yerby

Escambia Sheriff Heath Jackson

Marshall Sheriff Phil Sims

Dale Sheriff Mason Bynum

Geneva Sheriff Tony Helms

Colbert Sheriff Eric Balentine

Cherokee Sheriff Jeff Shaver

Cherokee Chief Deputy Sheriff Josh Summerford

Covington Sheriff Blake Turman

Crenshaw Sheriff Terry Mears

Florence Chief of Police Ron Tyler

Oxford Chief of Police Bill Partridge

Chatom Chief of Police Aaron Carpenter

Former ALEA Director now Director of Public Safety Charles Ward, Ozark.

Justice Stewart announced last week that her campaign was endorsed by 26 Republican District Attorneys from across Alabama.

"I am honored to have the support of these law enforcement leaders," Justice Stewart said. "District Attorneys are charged with keeping our communities safe and they know that I have been a trusted partner in protecting the rights of victims and delivering justice in my courtroom. Our district attorneys know that my proven conservative judicial leadership is right for Alabama."

The list of those endorsing Justice Sarah Stewart for Chief Justice includes:

Keith Blackwood, Mobile

Rob Broussard, Madison

Matt Casey, Shelby

Bob Wilters, Baldwin

Hays Webb, Tuscaloosa

Lynn Hammond, Calhoun

Lyle Harmon, St Clair

Jennifer Bray, Marshall

CJ Robinson, Elmore

Chris Connolly, Lauderdale

Summer Summerford, Dekalb and Cherokee

Steve Giddens, Talladega

Andy Hamlin, Pickens, Lamar, and Fayette

James Tarbox, Coffee and Pike

Steve Billy, Escambia

Stephen Winters, Clarke, Washington and Choctaw

Hal Hughston, Colbert

Billy Adair, Walker

Scott Anderson, Morgan

Jody Willoughby, Etowah

Mike Segrest, Chambers, Macon, Randolph and Tallapoosa

Russ Goodman, Henry and Houston

Kirke Adams, Dale and Geneva counties.

"Throughout my years of prosecuting cases in front of Judge Stewart, I saw firsthand how she was fair and fiercely followed the law," Mobile County DA Keith Blackwood stated. "When I prosecuted child-victim cases in front of her, I knew that if a defendant hurt a child and was convicted, Judge Stewart would sentence them to the maximum punishment that fit the circumstances."

"Her conservative and family-focused values have continued to be the driving force in her pursuit of justice," Blackwood added. "I would encourage everyone to vote for Justice Sarah Stewart for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court on March 5th."

The Republican primary is March 5.

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