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Bits and Pieces #18

As usual, there always seems to be a lot going on in the world. So this week I bring to you my not-so-world-famous “Bits and Pieces; version 18.”

1. The Border (Again): Several columns back, I wrote about our southern border. And in that time, it has not gotten any better; only worse. It is sickening to watch and from my perspective, the true human tragedy is not necessarily the plight of the illegal immigrants, sad as it is on a personal level, but rather what is becoming of this country. It is not that I am a heartless guy but the reality is this. Who do I care more about? People from dozens of other countries, many who have ulterior motives in coming here or do I care about American citizens and my country first and foremost? The real question is, “Do I really need to ask this?” The world population review says that America has between 11.3 And 10.9 million illegal immigrants. That equates to approximately 15% of our total population. I am not talking about immigrants but illegal aliens living among us.

According to a Fox News report I saw just two days ago (25 January 2024), in the month of December alone, we had 302,034 migrant encounters (again, illegal aliens). For comparison, the population of Cincinnati is 309,513. And for the entire Fiscal Year to date, we have seen 785,422 encounters. The entire population of Seattle, Washington is less than that by over 36,000 registering in at 749,256 people. Over 24,000 total immigrants sneaking across our border are from China. The argument that the illegal immigrants are almost exclusively Mexicans looking for a better life is what my Australian friends call, “Twaddle.” People from over 160 different countries have been caught by our agents at the border. The vast majority of these are in no way properly vetted and yet turned loose into the interior of the country. Some people are certainly good people but mixed in with them are many criminals, sexual predators, terrorists, murderers, and the like. Safe? Smart? Are we doing right by our own people? No, no and no! I would personally rather see 100 “good” people excluded than allow one murderer or terrorist into the country who will kill a single American citizen.

Is it acceptable for us to close, even temporarily, American schools and deny our children access to schools in favor of illegal immigrant children? You can answer that one.

As Americans, we need to get a grip on this. Just the other day, the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, foolishly (actually stupidly) suggested that people should open their homes and let complete strangers, from God knows where and what their motives might be, to move in. Insane. You first, pal. I have mentioned before one of my five all-time favorite movies is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. The original and not the horrible comedic remake. In the movie, the Monsignor tells Spencer Tracy’s character that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a bleeding-heart liberal come face to face with his beliefs. This is what we see in every sanctuary city and state in the country. It was all fun and games as long as states like Texas bore the brunt of the illegal immigration problem. But now that cities like New York, Chicago, LA and others are dealing with the migrant surge, they don’t like it. Me personally, they asked for it now they need to deal with it. Letting these people into our homes is not the solution.

But not surprising, when asked whether the border was secure, President Biden emphatically said, “No.” Then, as expected, he blamed the Republicans for the crises at the border. This coming from a man who during his entire time as President argued that the border was secure. But now that an election is coming, he has no choice but to change his tune. Or rather those behind the scenes have told him what to say. Either way, more to come on this subject, I am sure. At least according to polls from the IA caucus and NH primary, Americans are beginning to see the border as the most important issue concerning this country. Without a secure border, we will not have a country.

2. Chinese Mutant COVID: Here is something scary for you. My question would be, “Why is this allowed” and “What could possibly be the purpose of this?” A team of Chinese scientists have been experimenting with a new mutant strain of Covid that is achieving a mortality rate of 100% in specimens infected. These specimens typically died within a week. This article describes the symptoms and the affects of this virus. Let’s not forget the Chinese bio lab that was discovered in California with various vials of dangerous substances like Ebola and HIV back in 2022.

3. Israel Cease Fire: This is a quick one. For those who are seriously butt-hurt over what is happening in Israel, you can march up and down any street in America, you can burn flags, cry, stomp your feet and lash out at anybody who disagrees with you, but you must remember one thing. You do not have the power to demand anything. You can ask, plead, debate, suggest, argue or whatever peaceful method you choose, but you cannot DEMAND an Israeli cease fire. It is not and never will be up to you. You have no say whatsoever. It is a war started by Hamas and would I like to see it end? Yes. Absolutely. The older I get, the more I hate war. But if you are attacked, you have every right to fight back and do whatever it takes to “end the threat.” You do not have the right to punch me in the nose and when I start kicking your butt up and down the street, have your friends and relatives demand I stop pounding your face. You started it. How about you tell your friend not to punch me in the face and I would not mop the floor with him. And if I stop kicking his butt, what guarantee do I have that he will not punch me again at a later date? How about the feckless U.N. start putting some legitimate pressure on Hamas? But this will not happen. With all that was going on in the world in 2022 for example, the U.N. General Assembly placed 15 resolutions against Israel alone while making 13 total against the rest of the world. No surprise. The U.N. could not hide their anti-Semitism if they tried.

If you have not heard, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), one of the United Nothings’ largest programs, just had twelve members from its organization accused of helping and aiding Hamas in the 7 October attacks against Israel. Surprised? Why? More to come on this. And yes, the US has temporarily stopped sending money to this organization and we are its largest contributor. More on this another time.

4. Boeing: A door panel blew out of an Alaskan Airline 737 Max. This of course after two crashes of a similar airplane in 2018 and 2019. Other than my 170 or so hours from Air Force pilot training, all my 14,000 hours of flight time has come in Boeing airplanes; 14 different platforms. I love the Boeing product. But, in the last several years, I have become quite disappointed in them. (One day offline, ask me about the greatest plane I have ever flown, the 757). This entire 737 Max issue is disheartening. There is a documentary on Netflix called Downfall: The Case Against Boeing. This documentary is a must watch. Absolutely a must watch. You will see how a great and trusted company, one of the most prestigious companies in American history, can fall. This is because corporate greed and their moving away from decades long bedrock principles of safety and quality, those that the company were founded on, were sacrificed to the alter of the mighty greenback. In the end, 346 people died. But at least when CEO Dennis Muilenberg stepped down, the company gave him some $62 million in cash and stock. Watch it.

5. Kenneth Smith Nitrogen Execution: So many people came out to support this guy. Where was all the support for his victim? Through the years, I have heard the same tired and inane argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent. This is correct. It is punishment. I think the craziest argument was that nitrogen hypoxia was untested. Some people hung their hats on that argument. “Well, Rob. What do you say to that?” Easy. Bullets. Bullets? Yeah, firing squad. Centuries of proven, tested effectiveness. What about hanging? Lethal injection? Being untested is a spurious argument at best. Come on people, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this guy was a murderer. If we are to use the death penalty in certain cases, don’t let it drag on for 30 years. Being on death row for that long is itself the actual cruel punishment. If you don’t want to see the death penalty used, stop murdering people. And no, the death penalty is not murder. Sorry, let’s not go there.

6. Thanks for the comments I got from my last column. It was certainly different for me. More like that may follow in the future.


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