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Dick Brewbaker for Congress: A True Conservative

In the heart of Alabama’s District 2 Congressional race, where the stakes have never been higher, a candidate has emerged of high character and unwavering conservative values and Make America Great Again fervor, my good friend, Dick Brewbaker. Dick stands as the epitome of what it means to be a true patriot, a successful businessman, and a citizen lawmaker who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. As this race is crucial to which party controls Congress heats up, it is crucial to recognize that, while there are several good candidates vying for this seat, none possess the conservative credentials and life experiences like Dick.

Dick’s conservative achievements are not just talking points, they are a testament to his dedication to the principles that have made America great. His endorsements speak volumes, with General Mike Flynn, the iconic Lee Greenwood, Veterans for Trump and the Eagle Forum backing him. This underscores his alignment with the core values that resonate deeply within our great state and nation. These endorsements are not handed out lightly; they're earned through a steadfast commitment to upholding our freedoms, liberties, and American way of life.

As a successful businessman, Dick understands the intricacies of what makes our economy tick. His insights and experiences are what we need to navigate the complex economic challenges facing our nation today. Unlike so many career politicians in Washington who have never signed the front of a paycheck, Dick has lived the challenges and triumphs of running a business with 150 employees. His perspective is invaluable in crafting policies that foster growth, innovation, and prosperity for all Americans.

What sets Dick apart is his genuine commitment to serving the people over seeking a career in politics. True to his word, he stepped down from the Alabama Senate after serving two terms, honoring a promise he made to his constituents. This act of integrity is a rare find in the political landscape and exemplifies his belief in citizen-led governance. Dick’s decision to walk away at the height of his political career speaks to his character and dedication to the principles of term limits and accountability.

Moreover, Dick’s staunch pro-life stance and support for gun owners’ rights is unwavering. He understands that the Second Amendment is not just about firearms, it’s about ensuring our fundamental right to protect ourselves, our families, and our freedoms. Dick’s commitment to safeguarding this right is crucial at a time when our constitutional rights are under constant threat from those who wish to erode our liberties in the name of false security.

Beyond his impressive political and business achievements, Dick Brewbaker’s dedication to his family and his leadership within his church are aspects of his character that truly stand out. As a devoted husband for 35 years, father of 5 boys, and grandfather of 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, Dick has always placed his family at the center of his life. This demonstrates through his actions the values of love, commitment, and responsibility. These personal attributes are a testament to his integrity and the moral compass that guides him in all aspects of his life. Furthermore, his active involvement in his church where he is a Verger and teaches Sunday School to middle schoolers, not only speaks to his faith, but also highlights his role as a community leader who inspires others through his service and compassion.

In this critical moment, we need a champion like Dick Brewbaker in Congress. We need someone who embodies the conservative values and MAGA spirit that define our Republican party. A leader who prioritizes the needs of the American people over political gain. With Dick Brewbaker, we have a candidate who not only promises to fight for our values but has a proven track record of doing just that. Dick was America First before America First was cool.

We must rally behind Dick Brewbaker, a true conservative, a MAGA champion, and a man who represents the best of what America stands for. His leadership, integrity, and commitment to our principles are exactly what we need in Congress to continue the fight to keep America great. Please cast your ballot on Tuesday March 5th for Dick Brewbaker for Congress in this pivotal race for the future of our country.


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