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Barry Moore denounces Biden's immigration policies

An estimated 10 million migrants, including 617,000 with known criminal records, have crossed the U.S. southern border since Joseph R. Biden (D) has been in office. That is double the population of the state of Alabama.

Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) voted in favor of H.Res.1065, a resolution sponsored by Rep. Monica De La Cruz (R-Texas) denouncing the Biden Administration's immigration policies.

Rep. De La Cruz recently highlighted the disaster at our southern border in her Spanish language response to Biden's State of the Union.

The more than 10 million illegal immigrants include known got aways thT have crossed into America.

De La Cruz's resolution addresses the issues surrounding border security and immigration enforcement.

"The current state of our nation's border security is unsustainable," said Rep. De La Cruz. "The policies put forth by the Biden administration have resulted in the worst border security crisis in our nation's history, endangering our communities and straining our resources."

H. Res. 1065 outlines a series of Republican concerns regarding the Biden administration's approach to immigration, including the dismantling of effective border security measures, the mass release of illegal immigrants into American communities, and the refusal to utilize key authorities to address the crisis.

De La Cruz highlighted the importance of implementing measures such as ending the catch-and-release policy, reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols, entering into asylum cooperative agreements, and using expedited removal authority.

"The resolution underscores the urgent need for the Biden administration to take decisive action to address the crisis at our border," said De La Cruz. "We urge the administration to immediately begin utilizing the authorities available to them to regain control of the situation and protect the interests of the American people."

"President Biden's only defense for the crisis at our border is to lie and blame President Trump," said Moore. "Today, I voted to hold Biden accountable for signing more than 90 executive orders that dismantled every single one of President Trump's successful immigration policies. Biden could bring back those policies today if he wanted to, but instead he continues to welcome the invasion at our border that is costing American lives."

Biden is blaming Republicans for the border crisis.

Barry Moore has served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He recently won the Republican primary defeating Congressman Jerry Carl (R-Mobile).

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