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Rogers says that the Indo Pacific is home to our greatest national security threats

On Wednesday, Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Saks) spoke on the challenges that the U.S. faces in the Indo-Pacific Region.

"The Indo-Pacific is home to our nation's greatest threats," Rep. Rogers said during a committee hearing. "In North Korea, we have a mad man who would rather build an illegal nuclear arsenal than feed his starving people."

Rogers said that North Korean leader Kim last year, "Announced that South Korea is now a "hostile country", and that North Korea can legally "annihilate" it."

Rogers said that Kim's arsenal now includes a new: "strategic cruise missile, a submarine-launched cruise missile, and a solid-fueled ballistic missile with a maneuverable reentry vehicle. Each of these missiles were designed to disrupt our ability to detect them and to evade our missile defenses."

Rogers warned that Kim has a growing defense relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I am very concerned the advances in Kim's missile technology is the result of a strengthening alliance with Putin," said Rogers. "Since August, North Korea has shipped millions of artillery shells, rockets, and ballistic missiles to Russia, while Russia supplies energy to North Korea. Putin is testing Kim's missiles on the battlefields of Ukraine with deadly effect. And Kim is using this first-hand knowledge to improve his missile technology and tactics; something he'll rely on if war erupts on the Korean Peninsula."

Rogers is also concerned with the growing economic cooperation between China and Russia and China's material support of Russia's war in Ukraine.

"Shortly after the invasion, Putin and Xi entered into a "no limits partnership"," said Rogers. "And while China has not yet provided weapons to Russia, Xi is providing Putin critical economic and security assistance. This includes dual-use materials and components for weapons."

China is investing heavily on building a modern military.

"Earlier this month, the PRC announced it was raising its defense budget by 7.2 percent in 2024," Rogers continued. "It's the third year in a row where we've seen an increase of 7% or more. The unprecedented level of defense spending is paying off. The PLA is fielding modern systems like hypersonic weapons and fifth-generation fighters. They can project power well into the Pacific with a 340-ship navy that includes a new aircraft carrier and nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines. They've improved their ability to conduct joint operations with more realistic exercises and new AI driven technologies that will shorten the kill chain.bAnd they're building a modern nuclear arsenal at a dizzying rate.

Rogers is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He made his comments during a full committee hearing on U.S. military posture and national security challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region. Rogers recently defeated his two Republican primary challengers in a landslide as he seeks his twelfth term representing Alabama's Third Congressional District.

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