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The Invasion of the Destitutes

Right now, America is suffering from the greatest invasion of foreigners in its entire history. Our borders are now so porous, they are utterly ineffective in keeping out many of the world’s most dangerous people.

Just this past year, some three million migrants—nearly all of them penniless, destitute peasants—have poured across our southern border, overwhelming our barricades and security forces. An estimated 30 million more are still waiting in Mexico for their turns to assault it and take their parts in the genocide of the American people.

Some people have argued about the message on the Statue of Liberty—“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” But this message applies to people who are fleeing oppressive governments and seeking freedom and individual liberty. When those words were written, the United States had NO taxpayer-funded “public assistance.” They came for the OPPORTUNITY to earn honest livings and expected NO free handouts.

In addition, newcomers were ALL strictly vetted for dangerous diseases, birth defects, and past criminal histories. Those who failed muster were immediately sent back.

Beginning about the 1930’s small numbers of people from Mexico and central America began coming across our southern border to earn extra money as field hands. Some were even willing to work for less than the minimum wage. This helped the local farmers meet expenses, and as long as the numbers remained small, there were no hardships. But as their numbers swelled, and their purposes drifted toward permanently importing their huge extended families, the overcrowding became unbearable. And soon many began to partake in various criminal activities like smuggling, theft, flim-flams, drug running, and even human trafficking and murder for hire.

In the 1950’s under Eisenhower ‘s program, Operation Wetback, migrants who had sneaked across our borders were rounded up and shipped back to Mexico’s southern end, making it difficult for them to routinely keep coming back again and again. After Kennedy’s assassination and the beginning of LBJ’s regime, Congress opened the floodgates with minimal vetting. Reagan and the two Bushes slowed the flow somewhat. But under Obama, Biden, and the Democrats in Congress, they have been quickly and recklessly accepted and shipped to various cities toward the north without any apparent worries about who is going to take care of them for billions of tax dollars and deal with the overcrowding and crimes that many of them commit.

We all understand the damage that has been done by the careless introduction of exotic plants and animals—Chinese privet, Cogongrass, tropical soda apples, wild roses, nutria, starlings, cane toads, carp, lionfish, Burmese pythons, and that nasty vine that can literally smother a forest—kudzu. But an invasion of certain types of exotic humanity can wreak far greater destruction.

We don’t really know how much of the world’s excess humanity has flooded into our nation, but the obvious numbers clearly rank at least into the tens of millions, if not over a hundred million. Taking care of that many poor people that we didn’t even produce is a task that is utterly impossible to address, much less resolve. Any attempt to do it would only drag our entire population into perpetual grinding poverty, like in many third world nations today.

We should ask ourselves, “Why is America the target of the world’s reckless breeders? Why do so many millions go to extraordinary efforts to march thousands of miles on foot from Venezuela and Columbia, through and/or around the difficult Darien Gap, bypassing Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and even Mexico to get into the United States? What does our country have that these others don’t?”

We have GRAVE liabilities that the others lack—public assistance magnets that are structured by law to serve every last freeloader, no matter how unqualified, with health care, food, and other public assistance—enough to literally bankrupt our country as the rising flood of destitutes consumes our economy.

Look at little Belize, the only English-speaking nation in central and south America. It suffers little, if any, from the hoards that pass by. Belize has no strong border enforcement to keep them out. Even though they can walk in at will, they cause little if any trouble. They just keep moving along.

What does Belize have that we don’t? It’s not what it has. It’s what it lacks. It does not have any public assistance magnets that attract undesirable, homeless peasants. It has no booty for them, so they just pass through. And one more thing. If anybody wants to become a citizen, he must shell out a $100,000 fee for that privilege, in addition to a very strict vetting procedure. But in the good old USA, they don’t pay a nickel. Our Constitution has been recklessly corrupted with amendments that allow it.

And migrants from Latin America are not the only threat. We now have a much greater one. For several decades, and especially since the dawn of Obama’s regime, dangerous Islamic radicals have not just been let in, but “legally” brought in from various parts of the Middle East and Africa—people who are sympathetic to terror organizations like the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hamas—people who literally train their numerous children to become martyrs for the Islamic State via the mass murders of apostates, Hindus, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, and any others who have not accepted radical Islamic indoctrination. We don’t really know how many are already here, but estimates range from perhaps a million up to several million. We have already seen signs of their numbers by observing the rallies and demonstrations on our streets. Recently, since last October 7, the numbers of Hamas supporters have been staggering—sometimes almost equaling the numbers of Jewish supporters. And never forget the huge crowds that gathered onto New Jersey’s north shore and loudly cheered as the twin towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Many of the Muslims in this country are perfectly peaceful, but we are also being invaded by some of the violent ones. One of their most dangerous and radical objectives is Wahhabism, the ideology of Saudi Arabian hardliners. It is the most violent, most separatist, and most expansionistic form of Islam. Its goal is to take over and impose its rigid conformity onto the entire Muslim world.

After a sizeable number of mostly peaceful Muslims had immigrated to the U. S. during the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Saudis proceeded to create American Islamic establishments based on Wahhabism—like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Islamic Society of North America, which is directly controlled from Saudi Arabia, and outright owns 250 of the 1,200 primary mosques in the United States. Today, an estimated 80 percent of American mosques are controlled or at least influenced by Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism.

In spite of being considered an ally by various people in our government, Saudi Arabia has in essence declared WAR against the United States. Don’t forget that Osama bin Laden was a Saudi and that 15 (over 75%) of the 9/11 hijackers were also Saudis. And don’t forget that Barack Obama himself learned (possibly radical) Islamic culture for many years during his youth in Indonesia and later bowed before the Saudi king.

So what can we do, or rather what MUST we do to save our nation? We must STOP this hemorrhage BEFORE we end up WITHOUT a nation.

Of course we need to better secure our borders, but that alone would not be adequate. We must eliminate the magnets that attract millions of freeloaders. We must AMEND our Constitution to eliminate automatic citizenship by birth on our soil alone. Automatic citizenship should REQUIRE both parents to already be citizens, proven by DNA testing if needed. In addition, NO free public assistance should be provided to aliens. That includes any free assistance, even emergency health care. That includes all of the free hospital care we now recklessly provide to give birth to multitudes of “anchor babies.”

The anchor baby allowance itself should also be fully repealed. We cannot allow even one such birth to open the floodgates for the huge masses of its extended family. We cannot multiply that by millions and survive by becoming a nation of peasants.

We must also consider overpopulation. We must become very picky over the quality and limit the overall number of people we let in to become permanent residents. Many countries, large and small, charge huge fees from outsiders who want to become citizens. That limits the riffraff instantly. If countries like Belize can do it, why can’t we?

Another action we can take is to promote CONTRACEPTION. Reckless childbearing is a serious problem in most of Latin America and India, and nearly all of Africa. That is the root cause of their overcrowding, poverty, and environmental degradation. Contraception would be far more beneficial than feeding hungry children, which only encourages more reckless breeding.

Contraception may not be effective with the Muslim radicals. Their objective is the genocide of all non-Muslims, and perhaps even including the peaceful Muslims. To save ourselves, we must REJECT all radicals. Above all, we must carefully monitor the moral and religious habits of ALL immigrants. People with goals of forced conversion, violence, torture, revenge, subjugation, and martyrdom should always be rejected.

Various punishments for illegal migrants have been suggested by many people—from immediately sending them back to heavy fines to lengthy imprisonment. Fines are problematic from people who have nothing. Imprisoning huge masses becomes prohibitively expensive. So there must be a better way. One suggestion is STERILIZATION of both men and women, and even children. This sends a much stronger message that mass migration will not be tolerated. And it also at least slows down the reckless breeding.


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