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Aderholt says that "We are sending guns and bullets today, so we won't have to send our sons and daughters tomorrow"

On Saturday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed $billions in military aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) voted for the aid bills. Following the vote, Aderholt said that the United States has a "moral obligation" to send the aid and added that, "We are sending guns and bullets today, so we won't have to send our sons and daughters tomorrow."

"Today, I voted to send weapons to three democratic nations under attack or threat by our enemies," said Rep. Aderholt. "I understand that some will not support helping Ukraine, or even Israel, defend themselves against aggression, but at the end of the day, my vote came down to what I feel is the right thing to do."

"Around 250 years ago, there was a small country that found itself fighting an enemy that outmatched them in every way," Aderholt continued. "They were brave, determined and relentless, but they still needed help from a European power to win. That small country was the United States, and that European power was France. Because of those beginnings and because we are now that shining light on a hill, I feel we have a moral obligation to now also help those countries who are fighting for their very existences."

Aderholt acknowledged that President Joseph R. Biden (D) has neglected America's border security, while defending other countries.

"Many of us feel we have too many problems at home to be distracted abroad," Aderholt continued. "And I do find it maddening that the Biden Administration will defend the borders of Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan - but not our own. However, two wrongs don't make a right. I share that frustration and will continue the fight for border security. Ultimately, I've learned that the only way to take control of our borders is at the ballot box."

Aderholt warned that military aid is needed now to guard against a much bigger war in the near future – a war where America would bleed.

"Lastly, let me be clear about one thing: this bill is NOT about sending huge amounts of cash overseas," stated Aderholt. "(In fact, I also voted in favor of an amendment from Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-FL) that would eliminate all non-military funding for Ukraine.) We are sending guns and bullets today, so we won't have to send our sons and daughters tomorrow. Those arms are built in the United States by American workers, including $1.5 billion in Patriot air defense missiles and $500 million for anti-drone weapons made in Alabama. These funds will help kick-start our domestic production and refill our supplies as our adversaries in China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea try to export death and chaos around the globe."

The international aid bills passed the House with wide bipartisan support. They now go to the Senate, where they are expected to pass and then go to President Biden's desk.

The package of four bills totaled $95 billion and included new sanctions for Iran and humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza – while the U.S. spends $billions rearming Israel which has killed over 30,000 people in Gaza in its existential war with Hamas.

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