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Alabama Republican Party supports putting Joe Biden on the Alabama ballot

The Democratic Party National Convention begins after the deadline for all candidates and parties to finalize their ballot. Without an official nominee for President and Vice President there is a danger under current law that President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris could actually be left off the ballot in Alabama.

The Alabama Republican Party announced on Wednesday that they have endorsed legislation to allow President Biden on the ballot despite the missed deadline.

The Alabama GOP announced its support of the legislation that would allow Joe Biden to remain on the ballot in Alabama, despite the Biden campaign's failure to meet the state's election deadline. The GOP said that Biden campaign's mistakes and failures should not punish voters in the state.

"It is essential to uphold the integrity of our electoral system and respect the rights of voters to choose their preferred candidates in the general election," said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl. "Unlike the divisive tactics employed by the Democratic Party to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, the Alabama Republican Party firmly believes in upholding the principles of democratic elections and ensuring that voters have the final say."

"We reject the attempts of the Democrat Party to obstruct the electoral process and deprive voters of their right to make an informed decision at the ballot box," Wahl continued. "Let's be clear, it is the Democrat Party that invokes the power of government to target their political opponents, not the Republican Party. In stark contrast, Republicans believe in standing for fairness and integrity, and we remain committed to protecting voters and defending their right to choose their representatives freely, without interference or manipulation."

Wahl said that the Alabama GOP does not fear Joe Biden or the Democrats.

"The Alabama Republican Party is not intimidated by competition, and we embrace the opportunity to engage the Biden campaign on the issues that matter most to Alabama voters," Wahl stated. "The Republican Party stands for individual liberty, securing the border, protecting our children from socialist indoctrination, and providing economic opportunities for all citizens. We firmly believe that the values and principles of the Republican Party, as well as our nominee best represent the people of Alabama, and we are confident that Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden this November."

The general election will be November 5.

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