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Caroleene Dobson wins Republican nomination in CD2

On Tuesday, Republican voters went to the polls in Alabama's Second Congressional District and voted to make real estate attorney Caroleene Dobson their nominee for Congress.

According to preliminary results for the primary runoff, Dobson was victorious with 14,688 votes (58.42%) to former State Sen. Dick Brewbaker's 10,454 votes (41.58%).

Only 25,142 Republicans voted in the GOP primary runoff.

Dobson comes from an Alabama farming family in Monroe County.

Caroleene Dobson spoke at length with the Alabama Gazette on Monday

""We have got to cut spending," Dobson told the Gazette in a phone interview. "We are headed to a financial cliff."

Dobson is heavily concerned about the lawlessness at the southern border.

"My position is that we have to protect our borders first," Dobson said. "Any aid to defend Ukraine's borders should only be considered after we have secured our borders."

Dobson supports the elimination of the estate tax which often kills family farms.

"Most farmers are land rich and cash poor due to the rising evaluation of real estate," Dobson explained to the Gazette. "Becoming energy independent again is also important as fuel and fertilizer," are high inputs for farmers.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl released a statement congratulating Dobson on becoming the ALGOP nominee in the Second Congressional District:

"Caroleene Dobson ran an amazing campaign, and we are proud to have her as the Republican nominee," Wahl said. "Congressional District 2 is one of the most important districts in the country and we are confident that she will do an amazing job representing the people of Alabama and the values they believe in. We need more elected officials who will help our communities succeed economically, protect our children from a socialist woke agenda, and defend the rights and freedoms of every individual. Caroleene Dobson will do just that. She is a woman of faith, commitment, and dedication who will work with everyone to help the people of District 2 have a brighter future."

Dobson is a wife and mother. Her and her husband Bobby split time between Montgomery where she practices law and the family farm in Monroe County. Dobson also serves on the Alabama Forestry Commission and the board of the Southeastern Livestock Exposition. She has a degree from Harvard University and a law degree from Baylor School of Law.

Dobson will face former Assistant Attorney General Shomari Figures in the general election on November 5. Figures defeated House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville).

Over 10,000 more Democrats came out to vote in Tuesday's primary runoff than Republicans. Republicans are going to have to turn around their voter enthusiasm gap if they hope to win this race in the fall.

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