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Dick Brewbaker says that costs of transportation will skyrocket under Biden's green energy orders

Former State Senator Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) is running for Congress in Alabama's Second Congressional District. Brewbaker spoke with the Alabama Gazette on Tuesday.

The Alabama Gazette asked: Gas prices are up twenty percent in a month. Is there something that Congress can do to bring down the cost of fuel and are you concerned that that might be detrimental to the environment?

"Yes there are things that Congress can do using the power of the purse," Brewbaker said. "The Biden administration has waged a war on energy production in this country."

"The price of food has soared and that is due to the energy prices," Sen. Brewbaker responded. "The answer to your second question is that no that won't be detrimental to the environment. While we are hurting families China has burned more coal in the last year than it has ever before. India has done the same thing. If the federal government really believed that burning fossil fuels would destroy the planet, they wouldn't be allowing that."

Gazette: Would you support a nationwide fetal heartbeat bill in Congress?

"That is the 15 weeks bill? Yes, I would support that provided that I can be assured that it won't re-federalize abortion policy in this country and put it back in the hands of an uncaring judiciary."

Gazette: The United States has been backing Ukraine for well over two years now. How long can we keep this up or is a stalemate that costs Russian blood and treasure accomplishing our foreign policy and security goals?

Brewbaker said that he would not support this policy "if there was no possibility of victory." "To string this out just to increase the amount of bloodshed would be morally wrong."

Brewbaker said that if our European allies will not do their part to defend Ukraine then the U.S. should look for an exit strategy."

Gazette: The Biden administration has released new fleet fuel economy standards that mean most transfer trucks, 18 wheelers, dump trucks, etc. sold will have to be electric by 2030. Can our economy sustain the economic shock from the loss of productivity when those big trucks and their drivers are parked on the side of the road charging for a couple of hours a day every day instead of working?

"Absolutely not," Brewbaker said. "The cost of transportation will skyrocket. I was in the car business for over thirty years and everybody in the business knows that not only are the electric vehicles three time more expensive they are more expensive to operate."

Brewbaker said that the Biden policy "Is a farce" and "The only people who will benefits are the green energy elites."

Gazette: Are you confident that we know enough about the long term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine for the government to recommend it to children, including infants?

"No, not at all," said Brewbaker. "No adult should ever be forced to take a vaccine. Our Covid policy in this country was a disaster. Everyone admits that now.

Brewbaker said that the government should not be forcing its vaccine schedule on children using school admittance policies.

"Parents should decide what vaccines their parents get not the government," Brewbaker said.

Gazette Should we ban Tik Tok?

"Yes," answered Brewbaker.

Gazette: Are you confident that this fall that you can bring in swing voters and Democrats to win what could be a very tight general election race?

"Yes, I am the only candidate in this race that can," Brewbaker said.

Brewbaker said that his record has been on solving problems and winning Democrats and independents over to his way of thinking on issues.

Gazette: Are we paying out too much in farm subsidies and other farm programs?

"Well, it depends on what you mean by a farm bill. The last Farm bill was more of a federal welfare bill than a farm assistance bill," Brewbaker said.

Brewbaker said that he supports a farm bill that helps farmers and secures domestic food production.

Gazette: How do we shut down mass immigration without adversely affecting businesses and farmers in the second District that need workers?

Brewbaker said that we can "Use the National Guard to secure the border and we can have guest worker problems where vetted workers are allowed to enter the country; but when their work permits are done "Send them home."

Brewbaker is running in the special Republican primary runoff election on Tuesday, April 16 against real estate attorney Caroleene Dodson.

Brewbaker is a native of Montgomery, a former teacher, the owner of a string of automobile dealerships in the Montgomery area, and a graduate of Vanderbilt University. He served two terms in the Alabama Senate and one in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Former Assistant Attorney General Shomari Figures is running against House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) in the Democratic primary runoff.

The Republican and Democratic nominees will then face off in the general election on November 5.

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