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Katie Britt addressed the Montgomery Rotary Club

On Monday, U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Alabama) was in Montgomery to address a gathering of the Montgomery Rotary Club.

"You all are the heartbeat of communities and bringing people together," Sen. Britt told the Montgomery Rotarians.

"When we say the American dream what does that mean?" Britt asked. "So you can give your children the opportunity to surpass you. It is not about money or wealth or even fame and fortune," but rather empowering them to achieve their dreams.

"Our nation was built by those who selflessly put their lives on the line," said Brit.

Britt said that there have been several moments in American history that led the nation to refocus on what it means to be an American.

"We need another wakeup call," warned Britt.

Britt said that it was 79 years ago that the U.S. celebrated VE day.

"Did you ever believe we would see on our so-called elite campus chants that we are Hamas and death to the Jews?" asked Britt.

Britt denounced antisemitism and vowed to, "Send a resounding signal that not in America."

Britt said that Montgomery and Alabama know all to well the dark impulses of discrimination.

Britt said that the antisemitic protests around the country are, "Appalling evidence that the ties that bind us are in danger of unraveling."

"Changing our country's trajectory comes with building up the next generation," said Britt. "There are impediments that are keeping young people from reaching their American dream." "It is going to take people just like you willing to work across the aisle or across the city."

Britt said that her mentor and predecessor Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) is, "Celebrating his 90th birthday today."

"He taught me that relationships matter," Britt said of Shelby. "We are going to have to have some really tough conversations in this country."

"We need to get back to a place where we can disagree with being disagreeable," said Britt. "I am proud of the relationships I have within my own caucus; but also with John Fetterman, John Schott, Kyrsten Cinema, and Corey Booker."

Britt expressed concerns about the drug overdose crisis, that is being fueled by the fentanyl crisis.

"Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans 18 to 45," Britt warned.

Britt also expressed concerns about the prosperity of average American families.

"78% of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck in 2023," Britt said. "Credit card debt has reached one trillion dollars."

Britt said that she recently introduced legislation for the NIH to do research into the maternal mortality crisis, that hits Alabama hard.

"We have double the average of mortality of pregnant women," said Britt. "We have more maternal mortalities (per capita) than any other state in the nation. It shouldn't be like that."

Britt said that she is working to bring better healthcare to Alabama particularly in rural areas.

Britt said that she is about to introduce the MOMs Act

"This legislation is pro mom, pro-family and pro child and I look forward to rolling it out this week," Britt said.

Britt also denounced social media's effects on our children, especially Tik Tok. Britt recently voted for legislation to require Tik Tok to change its ownership of be shut down.

"The Chinese Communist Party knows that if it wins the minds of our next generation, it conquers America," said Britt.

"A poll shows that most 18- to 24-year-olds side with Hamas," in their conflict with Israel Britt said. Many young Americans, Believes the Holocaust was a myth."

"Tik Tok is like digital fentanyl," said Britt.

Britt blamed time on social media for kids with leading to the rise in suicides, eating disorders, and other mental health issues. "The average young person is on social media 4.8 hours a day. Social media is the leading cause of the mental health crisis."

Britt said that the rise of social media, "Coincides with the rise of mental health," disorders.

"The more time you spend on social media the more money the social media companies make," said Britt. "The more challenging or disturbing the content the longer you stay on a post."

Britt said that she supports legislation that, "Prevents children under the age of `13 from opening a social media account, bans algorithms for people under 16, and requires that schools that take federal funding block social media on its networks. I hope to get it on the President's desk."

Britt reiterated her support for school choice.

"I am committed to putting parents back in the driver's seat so they can make the right decision for their child," said Britt.

"It is more important than ever that we have servant leaders," said Britt. "Let's recommit together to put service ahead of self."

Britt said that everyone has a calling to serve others.

"What are you called to do?" Britt said. "Is it something in your Church? Is it something in your community? Is it something at the state or federal level?"

"Find the impediments that are keeping other Americans from living the American dream and be a part of removing them," Britt urged. "It is on you to make this state and nation better."

Mr. Taylor Williams is the President of the Montgomery Rotary Club. Sen. Britt was introduced by LaMarcus Richard – a student at Floyd Middle School.

The Montgomery Rotary Club supports nonprofits and community organizations across the river region. The Rotary Club Foundation has donated over $1.5 million to support these causes.

Mrs. Kimberly Baker is the President of the Montgomery Rotary Club Foundation. Baker presented checks to: Guard Your Man, Girls on the Run, CASA, and Dream Court Montgomery.

Katie Britt is a native of Enterprise in Coffee County, Alabama where her parents were small business owners. She has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Alabama (UA) and a law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law. She was the President of the Student Government Association at UA. While at UA, Britt served as an intern with U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby's (R-Alabama) office. Upon graduation she went to work for Sen. Shelby fulltime, eventually rising to Chief of Staff. Britt has also been a practicing attorney and the President of the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) before running for Senate in 2022.

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