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Katie Britt votes for foreign aid bill

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Alabama) released a statement on her vote to pass the controversial H.R. 815, the National Security Supplemental Bill.

"This legislation, while imperfect, will make critical strides to reestablish credible American deterrence and move us closer to restoring the peace through strength that President Biden inherited," Sen. Britt said in a statement. "I am proud that important bills I have cosponsored will be enacted into law through this package, including crucial measures to combat the fentanyl crisis and restrict Iran's ability to finance further terrorism."

The bipartisan foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan comes after months of debate in Congress. The package also includes humanitarian assistance for the besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

"Today marks 200 days since Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists launched barbaric attacks and committed truly evil atrocities in Israel on October 7," said Britt. "More than six months have passed, and approximately 130 hostages – including American citizens – are still held by Hamas, and Israel continues to fight for her very existence. Just days ago, we even saw Iran launch an unprecedented barrage of drones and missiles against Israel from Iranian territory. Now more than ever, we must stand with Israel and the Jewish people – including here at home. While our Jewish brothers and sisters across Alabama, America, and the world celebrate Passover, we're seeing a disgusting rise of virulent antisemitism and pro-terrorist sentiment play out on our nation's city streets and on college campuses. Make no mistake – 'Never Again' is now. This legislation will not only crack down on Iran and empower Israel with the tools needed to protect herself, but it will also help synagogues and other houses of worship safeguard their congregations in communities across the United States."

The legislation to order Tik Tok to change ownership of its parent company or be shut down was included in this omnibus foreign aid legislation.

"Importantly, this legislation will also force the sale of TikTok and get the app out of the Chinese Communist Party's control," said Britt. "As it stands, China is effectively flying a spy balloon in the home of every TikTok user and spreading this digital fentanyl to our young people. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the CCP knows that if it conquers the minds of our next generation, it conquers America. This legislation accomplishes a generational victory that is integral to defending America's future."

The United States has neglected its defense related industrial base for decades and attempting to supply lethal aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, our allies, and our own military has exposed those weaknesses.

"Finally, this legislation makes targeted, strategic investments to modernize our own U.S. defense industrial base and domestic manufacturing capacity, including right here in Alabama," said Britt. "These investments are necessary to keep pace with China, as well as to prepare for and deter the threats of the future. Alabama plays a huge role in our national defense, and this legislation will further enhance Alabamians' contributions to ensuring our warfighters are the best equipped, trained, and resourced in the world. Ultimately, this will help keep American servicemembers safe and our country secure."

The legislation is comprised of four major components that were passed as individual bills by the House of Representatives but then merged into one bill, H.R. 815, under a rule adopted by the House. This House rule prevented the Senate from considering the measures as separate bills.

$378 million of that supplemental funding will be invested in Alabama to expand production capacity and facilities for missile production alone. That does not include additional major funding in the package which will be spent in Troy, Anniston, and Huntsville to replenish U.S. missile, munition, and heavy equipment stockpiles.

H.R. 815 also includes three major pieces of legislation cosponsored by Senator Britt: the FEND Off Fentanyl Act, the SHIP Act, and the REPO Act.

The Fentanyl Eradication and Narcotics Deterrence (FEND) Off Fentanyl Act is a bipartisan bill that Senator Britt, as a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, previously helped advance. The legislation is designed to target the flow of deadly fentanyl into the United States by empowering the U.S. Department of the Treasury to target, sanction, and block the financial assets of transnational criminal organizations trafficking fentanyl. The proceeds from any seized assets would be used to further the efforts of law enforcement. Britt has led hearings on fentanyl and spoken out against the Biden Administration's proposed budget cuts to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum (SHIP) Act will sanction illicit purchases of Iranian oil and hold the regime's enablers – including China – accountable.

The Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity for Ukrainians (REPO) Act will help ensure that Putin and his oligarchs – rather than U.S. taxpayers – foot the bill for the damage caused by Russia's unprovoked invasion. The REPO Act will effectively confiscate Russian assets that have been frozen in the United States and transfer them to assist in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts.

For more information on the supplemental national security funding included in H.R. 815 can be found here:

Biden requested the aid back in November, but House Republicans could not reach an agreement on what they want to do with one GOP faction opposing virtually all aid for Ukraine. The political impasse finally came to an end after Israel was attacked by Iran. Israel intercepted and destroyed hundreds of Iranian missiles, drones, and cruise missiles. Those interceptor missiles, including Patriots made in Alabama, have to be replaced. Also the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated so badly in recent weeks that Ukrainian front line forces are unable to launch counter attacks due to shortages in missiles, artillery shells, and even ammunition. The Democratic controlled U.S. Senate and the Whitehouse has steadfastly refused to consider aid to Israel separately from aid to Ukraine, to force pro-Israel GOP House members that were lukewarm (at best) on the Ukraine aid to consent to both. The $9 billion in humanitarian assistance for Gaza is to placate Democrats who are facing protests from their left who are upset about the plight of the Palestinians.

Katie Britt was elected to the Senate in 2022.


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