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Logan Glass will be the youngest GOP delegate from Alabama to the Republican National Convention

22-year-old college student Logan Glass was elected by the Alabama Republican Party on Saturday to represent Alabama at the Republican Nation Convention. Glass is a Donald J. Trump delegate. Glass spoke with the Alabama Gazette about his sked Glass if he had ever been to Milwaukee before.

"No, I have not but I am excited to be going."

Glass was asked if he thought that Trump could defeat incumbent President Joseph R. Biden (D).

"I do think President Trump can win this," Glass answered.

The Republican Party has faced difficulties in reaching young voters. We asked Glass if the GOP needs to change its platform to perform better with young voters.

"No, I myself became drawn to Republican Party positions as a sophomore in High School with the platform as it is," Glass replied. "I don't think the platform needs major changes."

We asked Logan how he was going to pay for this trip.

"Out of my own pocket," said Glass. "I will be looking at sponsors and will be raising money this summer."

The White House has been touting the success of Bidenomics and the historically low unemployment across the country as reasons for giving Joe Biden four more years. We asked Logan if he thought that Trump would be able to overcome this strong Biden economy.

"Look at the price of groceries! Bidenomics has been a disaster for the average American family. Everybody is working two jobs trying to come up with enough money to keep their heads above water. You can't spend your way into prosperity," Glass said.

This year the Alabama Republican Party selected its Republican National Convention delegates in a meeting of the state executive committee rather than placing the races on the primary ballot – as had been the custom in elections past. Logan had to win a majority of the executive committee voters to secure his place as a delegate to the convention.

"I am thankful to everyone on the executive committee that voted for me and everyone who made calls on my behalf," Glass said.

Logan Glass is a native of the Chandler Mountain Community in rural St. Clair County. He is a graduate of Ashville High School and just graduated this month from the University of North Alabama with a bachelor's degree in political science. He is now pursuing a master's in business administration while working in the Jefferson County Tax Collector's office. Glass is the founding Chairman of the St. Clair County Young Republicans and is formerly the Vice Chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party. He has been active as a volunteer for several campaigns and worked for the Kay Ivey campaign in 2022.

The 2024 Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 15 to 18, 2024. During this event, delegates of the United States Republican Party will select the party's nominees for president and vice president in the 2024 United States presidential election. Former President Donal I. Trump won all of the available delegates from Alabama and is expected to be the Republican nominee for an unprecedented third time in a row.

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