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Marijuana is back before the Legislature

On Wednesday, April 5 the Senate Agriculture and Forestry Committee considered legislation to significantly increase the number of medical cannabis licenses that the state will award to businesses.

The 2021 legislation that legalized medical marijuana in the state of Alabama, strictly restricted the number of licenses that could be awarded. The most sought-after license is the integrator license, it allows a business to grow, process, transport, and dispense medical cannabis. The legislation limited that to a maximum of five licenses.

Senate Bill 276 would increase the number of licenses of integrators from five to 15. It also increases the number of dispensary and process licenses. SB276 is sponsored by Senator David Sessions (R-Grand Bay).

A number of persons spoke against the bill, arguing that increasing the number of licenses would too severely limited the profitability of the producers. Even some denied applicants who are presently suing the state over their permit denial spoke against Sessions' proposed solution.

SB276 was carried over by the Committee on Wednesday; but it could potentially return.


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