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Rogers fears that a Russian victory in Ukraine could be a harbinger of an invasion of Eastern Europe

On Wednesday, Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL03) warned: "I fear Putin will use a victory in Ukraine as a springboard to invade Eastern Europe." Rogers' comments were made during a hearing by the House Armed Services Committee on U.S. military posture and national security challenges in Europe.

Rep. Rogers is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

"Today we continue our posture hearings with EUCOM," said Chairman Rogers. The United States is moving into an era of unprecedented danger. We've heard that from the Commanders of SOUTHCOM, AFRICOM, CENTCOM, and INDOPACOM. They each raised grave concerns about how China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea "are working together to reduce America's global influence, harm our alliances, and undermine our national security. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Ukraine."

"Iran and North Korea are arming Russia with deadly effect," said Rogers. "In return, they are receiving advanced technologies and other illegal aid from Putin. And while China has not yet provided weapons to Russia, Xi is providing Putin critical economic and security assistance. This includes dual-use materials and components for weapons."

"Kim, Xi, and the Ayatollah are eagerly aiding and abetting Putin's brutal invasion of Ukraine because they know a Russian victory there will seriously undercut the credibility of American deterrence and leave our security partners exposed," Rogers continued. "It's the green light these despots have been craving for decades. A Russian victory will embolden Kim, Xi, and the Ayatollah to confront South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and ultimately, the United States, in new and fatal ways."

"I fear that Putin will use a victory in Ukraine as a springboard to invade Eastern Europe," Rogers stated. "We can't let that happen. We must restore American deterrence. It starts with this Administration finally articulating a winning strategy. Since the start of the war, President Biden's Ukraine policy has been plagued by hesitation.

Nothing in modern memory has divided Congressional Republicans as much as aid for Ukraine has and Rogers has been an outspoken supporter of the Ukrainian war effort.

"Every major weapons system the United States has provided-from Stingers, to Abrams, to ATACMS -only came after serious Congressional pressure," said Rogers. "And it usually arrived months late and in insufficient numbers. The President's handwringing has only prolonged the war and driven up costs in terms of dollars and lives."

Rogers called on President Joseph R. Biden (D) to take stronger steps to fund aid for Ukraine.

"U.S. sanctions have failed to make much of a dent in Putin's war machine," Rogers stated. "The President should use the billions in frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine. And he should arm Ukraine at the speed of relevance."

Biden has asked Congress for a massive supplemental appropriation for Ukraine.

"Congress needs to pass the national security supplemental," Rogers stated. "If the United States is unable to send additional weapons to Ukraine, Putin will win. And I would remind my colleagues that nearly all the money we're spending to arm Ukraine doesn't leave this country. It goes directly to U.S. companies and American workers to produce more weapons at a faster pace. This funding is revitalizing our defense industrial base after decades of atrophy. It's exactly what we need to do to prepare for potential conflict with China."

Rogers called on "Our European allies to do more. While the UK, Poland, the Baltic states, and the Czech Republic are punching well above their weight, there are some European countries that can and must do more."

Rogers warned that a lack of decisive action could prolong the conflict.

"If Putin thinks he can win, he won't come to the table," Rogers stated. "The quickest way to end this conflict is to strengthen Ukraine's negotiating position by ensuring they are well armed and well supported. I look forward to working with my colleagues to do just that."

Following the public hearing portion of the Committee briefing, the Committee went upstairs for a classified briefing with military and intelligence leaders.

Rogers was recently re-elected to a 12th term representing Alabama's Third Congressional District when he won the Republican primary on March 2 with 81.6% of the vote. Rogers has no general election opponent.

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