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Tuberville accuses Biden Administration of the betrayal of Israel

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted to Congress that the Biden Administration has suspended arms sale to Israel, even though the U.S. Congress just passed aid for the country after they were attacked by Iran. U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) told the Alabama Gazette that this is "the worst kind of betrayal."

"Israel is one of our closest and most important allies," said Tuberville. "We should be consistent in supporting our friend as they fight a war for their very survival. What we are seeing from the Biden Administration is the worst kind of betrayal. Saying you support the Jewish people then withholding critical arms and munitions only emboldens the Hamas Terrorists and prolongs the fighting. President Biden needs to stop appeasing the America-hating fringe of the Democrat party for votes in November and release the weapons to Israel."

"We are currently reviewing some near-term security shipments in context with unfolding events in Rafah. Israel shouldn't launch a major attack in Rafah without accounting for and protecting civilians who are in that battle space," testified Secretary Austin on Wednesday. "Again, as we have assessed that situation, we have paused one shipment of high payload munitions and again I think we have also been very clear about the steps that we would like to see Israel take to account for and take care of those civilians before major combat takes place. We certainly would like to see no major combat take place in Rafah, but certainly our focus is on making sure that we protect the civilians. We are absolutely committed to continuing to support Israel and its right to defend itself."

According to the Hill, the White House is pushing Israel to finalize a cease-fire agreement that would pause fighting in Gaza. Israel is carrying out a limited military operation to take control of a key border crossing into Rafah that could potentially empower the Israeli Defense Force to make deep inroads into Gaza.

The U.S. has been working on a truce between Israel and Hamas for weeks along with Egypt and Qatar. On Monday Hamas said it had accepted an offer for a temporary cease-fire. Israel has been reluctant to agree to those terms.

Israel is launching military operations on the southern Gazan city of Rafah to increase pressure on Hamas.

CIA Director Bill Burris is leading the U.S. negotiations in the talks.

Tuberville was elected in 2020. He serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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