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Tuberville opposes Ukraine aid bill

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed legislation to send $95 billion in military aid for U.S. allies as well as humanitarian assistance for Gaza. U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) voted against the $61 billion aid for Ukraine in its over two-year war with Russia.

Sen. Tuberville spoke on the Senate floor to express his concern over the Biden administration's use of American taxpayer money to bankroll Ukraine, which he called an unwinnable war.

"I cannot believe we are here again," said Tuberville. "Americans cannot believe what they are witnessing here today. Less than a week ago, House Republican leadership sold out Americans and passed a bill that sends $95 billion to other countries. With the Speaker's blessing, the House Rules Committee approved a package of foreign aid bills that undermines America's interests abroad and paves our nation's path to bankruptcy. The Speaker relied on Democrats to force this $95 billion package through committee over the objection of three conservative members."

The aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan has broad bipartisan support in both Houses.

"Unfortunately, our leadership here in the Senate, both Democrat and Republican, are complicit," Tuberville said. "The Senate is about to follow the House's lead, further violating the trust of those who sent us here. We are about to vote on another $60 billion for Ukraine. This on top of the $120 billion the American taxpayers already sent into this black hole with no accountability."

Tuberville expressed his concerns about the growing national debt and the lawlessness on the U.S. southern border that Congress and the President continues to ignore.

"We are a country that is $35 trillion in debt," said Tuberville. "We are country whose southern border is wide open thanks to the Biden Administration. Illegal immigrants are invading our country. Drugs, including fentanyl, are flooding across [our borders] and killing hundreds – hundreds – of Americans a day. We are printing money for other countries while inflation continues to crush the American citizen. Not one dollar of this bill is paid. Not one. We will have to print more money or borrow it from China. All to fund foreign wars while we are losing the fight at our own southern border. What we are doing is a slap in the face to the Americans who sent us here to represent them."

Tuberville also opposed humanitarian assistance for the people in Gaza.

"If you read the fine print, $9 billion of that funding would go to the Palestinians for what is being billed as humanitarian aid for Gaza," said Tuberville. "Of course, sending any money to Gaza will immediately be used to line the pockets of Hamas terrorists. They will provide zero relief to the civilians suffering under their control. There is no requirement that ANY hostages, also in this bill, be released in exchange for this money. Why in the world would America agree to funding both sides of this war?"

Tuberville does support military aid for Israel, who was recently attack by drones, missiles, and cruise missiles forcing them and nearby U.S. naval vessels to use their defensive intercept missiles (many of them Patriots made in Huntsville) to defend Israel.

"Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East," said Tuberville. "We should be standing firm in support of our friends in their battle against Hamas. Sadly, the White House is more focused on playing politics and appeasing the radical pro-Palestinian base."

Tommy Tuberville was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2020.

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