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Tuberville says Democrats are using the courts to attack President Trump because they can't beat him in the ballot box

On Monday, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified in the ongoing hush money trial in New York City of former President Donald J. Trump (R). U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) was in the courtroom to show his respect and support for his close friend – President Trump. Following a break in the testimony, Sen. Tuberville spoke briefly with Fox News. Tuberville expressed his disappointment with the trial and his belief that Democrats are using the courts as a weapon against Trump, "Because they can't beat him at the ballot box."

"First of all I am disappointed in the court room," said Sen. Tuberville. "I am hearing Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump. He is former President Trump. Give him some respect. That is what that place is in there. It is o respect. Give him some respect. It is depressing. That court room is depressing. This is New York City – the icon of our country - and we got a court room that is the most depressing thing I have ever been in. Mental anguish is trying to be pushed on the Republican candidate for President of the United Sates this year. That is all this is."

Trump is known for his hands on campaigning style, with lots of rallies, appearances, and interaction with the voters. His political opponents have effectively used the trial process to limit the former President's campaign appearances and gag orders limit what he can say about the court proceedings against him.

"He has been here a month," said Tuberville. "I am disappointed in looking at the supposed American citizens in that court room. The DA comes in and he acts like it is his Super Bowl.....and I guess it is to be noticed; but that is what is happening in this country. The Republican candidate for President of the United States is going through mental anguish in a court room that is very depressing, very depressing."

Then President Trump endorsed Tuberville, a former football coach, in his quest to become a U.S. Senator. The two have become close friends and Tuberville is one of the former President's most outspoken supporters.

"I am glad to stand by President Trump," said Tuberville. "I am a friend of his. I am here more as a friend than backing him as a candidate for President."

Tuberville called Mr. Cohen a "liar."

"I am sitting here listening to a guy that they had to get out of house arrest because he lied in another court to testify in this court," claimed Tuberville. "He is a convicted felon. He is up there giving an acting scene and all of a sudden, he says I have recorded President Trump on my telephone. This guy worked for President Trump. How can you be convinced by somebody that is a serial liar. I mean there should be no reason why anybody would listen to this guy."

Sen. Tuberville dismissed the court proceedings as a partisan attack.

"At the end of the day the Democrats are trying to beat President Trump in the jury box because they can't beat him at the ballot box," stated Tuberville. "That is end of story. I am from the South. I am here today to represent and to pay my respect for what President Trump is going through. It is a tough time for him; but you saw what happened this weekend. He has more support because of what they are putting him through in that courtroom."

The current trial accuses the former President of having paid hush money to retired porn star Stormy Daniels when he was beginning his campaign for President. New York prosecutors allege that then candidate Trump paid campaign account money to Daniels not to disclose a tryst between the two at a golf tournament. Technically hush money should be a personal expenditure and not a campaign expenditure. Using campaign dollars for a personal expense is a misuse of funds. Prosecutors allege that Michael Cohen oversaw this alleged payoff and did this with Trump's approval. If convicted, Trump will likely appeal the verdict.

Tuberville has represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate since 2020.

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