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Biden off More than WE can chew… a Britt Too Much

We’ve endured another state of our [soviet] union address; fewer DC politburo ‘stand and clap’ durations which conjure youthful recollection of Brezhnev’s heinous addresses. As I recall, Moscow ‘clapping episodes’ also attenuated for Gorbachev as the looming collapse of their [Russian] hegemonic union unfolded during the Soviet bloc’s closing years.

Biden bit off more than our Republic of States can afford or we can possibly sustain for our posterity. Witnessing all the proposed spending increases (with more command and control mandates) as another debt-ceiling deadline approaches was despairingly ironic during this year’s state of the union ‘Kabuki theatre’ performances. Biden is on par with big government modern Democrat Trump’s (I know he’s currently wearing the Red jersey) run up of even more federal debt.

Political thieves care if Blue or Red duopoly parasites have more power. The unrepresentative (unconstitutional) House and the easily purchased (post 17th Amendment) Senate have ‘progressed’ to tight margins making wealth transfer brokers more certain as the AOC/Sanders and MTG/Britt kabuki players dupe the masses. Most politburo members can’t understand why others (hosts) are angry/displeased with them. If you’re a productive citizen who keeps deciding which duopolist to support/vote for... YOU are the problem. More wasted votes on corrupt duopoly candidates will change nothing for you. It’ll marginally benefit some parasites taking from you as voting for the perceived ‘lesser of two evils’ proffers more evil.

If you can’t distinguish between a classical liberal and modern liberal Democrat or the difference between a small government conservative and a traditional Republican, big government conservative... start educating yourself. Republicans In Normal Operation (RINO’s) put us on our soviet path. There’s a reason why Marx, Lenin, et al held traditional Republicans in such high regard - taking sovereign/independent States and forcing them into a hegemonic coalition. Why is anyone surprised a traditional Republican admires Putin?

I try to watch the address each year with a former student (he was a DI at Ft. Benning) who’s now a long time friend and kindred Spirit as a small government conservative/libertarian thinker. Evoking a past Econ lecture he asked how much all the Biden rhetoric will cost if enacted. I added, how much of Biden’s proposals were Constitutional - i.e., in the enumerated powers. Sen. Britt’s curtain call Kabuki theatrics were of little help or substance in response, but exactly what one would expect from her mentor and master of political prostitution ‘public servant’ Richard Shelby.

The shameless, sanitary kitchen table kabuki stage and soliloquy was a Britt too much... belching up memories of Sen. Joe Liberman’s mind-numbing whining and dramatic rhetoric. Those who know something of Britt’s ‘public service’ with big government Democrat Shelby (who also did the Reagan, Trump, et al switch to the Red jersey to dupe many sheeple) found it hard to witness Britt in the staged cozy home kitchen setting, given Shelby/Britt shunned those who lost homes they paid off, held legal title to and paying taxes on... taken by the federal government to see others living in their house, using their kitchen, etc. Sen. Tubberville’s childish housewife defense was in keeping with past ‘Teletubby’ snippets, but it seems Tommy’s handlers are improving in their efforts to make this mediocre football coach appear less of an outlier, far below the already appallingly low median intelligence and integrity of a US Senator.

Long time small government conservative champion Jimmy Blake said, “Britt histrionics will add to fear for our country’s future.” After watching Scarlett Johansson’s SNL satire, Blake noted the effort to spoof the Republican SOTU response couldn’t match the actual Katie Britt performance. Little surprise traditional Republicans expelled Dr. Blake from their Party; his truth on taxes (no discussion of our recent tax rebate until this Libertarian candidate made it an issue) common sense rebuke of our Republican super-majority response to covid, anti-competitive ballot access laws, gambling monopoly, ETF allocation, etc. clearly wasn’t in line with politburo goals.

Some found Britt’s response on immigration of greatest interest. I really don’t care about Katie getting her irrelevant facts mixed up. One would think a 42 year old attorney would know something about the Constitution she took an oath to uphold. Sadly, she seems on par with our ‘Senior Senator’ who reminds me of the football coaches who poorly taught high-school economics to freshman/sophomores I tried to ‘deprogram’ with the actual text of Constitution along with some rudimentary arithmetic, diagrams, logic and reason.

Furthermore, I don’t expect folks to remember Trump using the covid excuse to finally address the border issue instead of the Constitution. Clearly a failed businessman (who lives off of tax subsidy distortions, eminent domain abuse, federal bankruptcy manipulation as one of our nation’s biggest corporate welfare queens) no one can dispute Trump is an accomplished parasite. Sheeple will accept foolish answers like ‘management’ or ‘I’ll build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it’ Trumpisms. For those who want a better understanding than the Biden, Britt, Trump, Tubberville, et al politburo members to consider moving toward a more rational, Constitutional immigration policy, consider (re)reading my Alabama Gazette column.

Don’t expect any duopoly party nominee to champion this sort of Constitutional outcome. Currently Trump seems most lost in this regard echoing his buddies/coconspirators (the Clintons) threatening 100% auto tariffs followed by ‘bloodbath’ rhetoric. Some may recall Bill Clinton’s whining of feeling Detroit’s pain after backlash from signing NAFTA with similar ‘feel good’ talk of a 100% tariff on Japanese luxury cars. Sad so few understand GATT, MFN, NAFTA, etc. are unconstitutional violating the [Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1] uniformity clause.

Since most don’t look at the world with an economist’s eye, I’ll close with a more recent iteration of ‘Shelby Britt’ political prostitution: on HB 238 addressing one of the biggest wealth transfers currently in play. It was sincerely difficult to endure fools begging me to vote for McCain (remember the one who kept ‘ObamaCare’ alive) Romney, et al candidates or the world would come to an end. These soviets have done little more than accelerate our decay on the soviet path. There’s no bigger recipient of the unconstitutional federal distortion into healthcare in our State than BCBS. In some instances they receive just under $1,300/mo. federal funding per individual from their monopoly power on the ObamaCare so-called marketplace with deductibles so high most enrolled effectively have no insurance. Imagine, if there was competition with private charity efforts where individuals pay for their health care without ‘trumped up’ prices and reduced administrative drain. Money and resources devoted to administrators and bureaucrats could actually be used for providing healthcare. Remember Trump’s Dr. Pfizer - err, eh... I mean Fauci and Gottlieb? Sub-zero freezer required? We’ll simply make that another wealth transfer up for grabs!

Britt would be a perfect VP complement to a big government Democrat like Trump as Katie was for big government Democrat Shelby. To showcase an attorney who reportedly was making $574,000/year as a BCA lobbyist is not a typical housewife - esp. one who can get their spouse a handsome paycheck. Absurd to imply Britt identifies with kitchen table issues given how much this ‘public servant’ has sucked out of economy and reduced quality of life for the typical productive Alabamian. Don’t expect Tubberville or any other politburo member to explain Sen. Shelby was exposed in the Felon Hubbard emails. BCA pimp Canary was banned from Shelby’s office for outing him as a political prostitute/co-conspirator. Little surprise Shelby found Britt the perfect replacement, now a Senator to directly collect lobbying largess and increase certainty of a vote securing political theft for AACH, ACCA, Alabama Power, BCBS, PCI, et al. ‘affectionately’ dubbed the Birmingham Downtowners by former legislator John Rice’s nomenclature.

If one believes the state of our union is strong, I will concur on strength of hegemony and political theft. If one thinks voting for big government Democrats like Biden and Trump (doesn’t matter he’s laughing with delight at duping those who only see he’s wearing the Red jersey) will take us off the soviet path, you’re mistaken. Perhaps the saddest thing is we’re witnessing enough patriots willing to make a stand against something clearly wicked and decaying our Republic, but duped into wasting their efforts to defend parasites like Biden and Trump.


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