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The Choice is Clear

In the high-stakes Republican primary runoff for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District, there is one clear cut choice Dick Brewbaker. Make no bones about it, the winner in November may well determine which party controls the US House of Representatives.

As someone who's navigated the choppy waters of Alabama politics alongside Dick, I'm here to throw my full support behind him. This isn't just about backing a friend but a leader who has always practiced what he preached; it's about recognizing the candidate who's drawn an enviable roster of endorsements that reads like a who's who of American patriotism and conservative stalwartness.

Lee Greenwood, the voice behind the anthem that's stitched into the very fabric of American pride, 'God Bless the USA' has thrown his weight behind Brewbaker.

Greenwood's endorsement is more than a nod to shared values; it's a beacon for those who stand for conservative principles, border security, and leadership that's rooted in conviction rather than convenience.

Brewbaker's endorsement list doesn't stop there. He's backed by the Eagle Forum, Veterans for Trump, the National Right to Life Committee, and The National Automobile Dealers Association, American hero General Mike Flynn and most recently Ken Paxton Attorney General of Texas who is leading the fight for border security against the reckless policies of the Biden administration Endorsement tells a story of a candidate who's not only talked the talk but walked the walk on issues critical to conservatives across the board.

Amidst the often-barbed rhetoric of today's political discourse, Brewbaker shines by adhering to Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment": "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican." In an era where intra-party criticism has become the norm, Brewbaker's commitment to Reagan's principle of unity and respect within the party is both admirable and refreshing.

His legislative prowess, underscored by his recognition for supporting small businesses, advocating for the right to life, and upholding our constitutional freedoms, speaks volumes. This is a man who understands the issues that matter to Alabamians and Americans alike.

Beyond the political arena, Brewbaker's life story exemplifies commitment to community, family, and faith. His dedication to these core values is a testament to the kind of representative he will be in Congress-grounded, principled, and unwavering.

The Democrats will throw the "kitchen sick" at our nominee from April till November. Dick stood tall and took every shot that was sent his way while he was the legislature. He remained strong and dedicated to what was just plain right no matter what his opponents said or did. This inner strength is crucial to a victory in November.

So, to my fellow Alabamians in District 2 the choice is clear. If you believe in a future where conservative values are championed, where our constitutional rights are vigorously defended, and where leadership is defined by integrity and action, then the choice is Dick Brewbaker. Let's rally behind a candidate whose endorsements, track record, and character promise not just to represent Alabama but to elevate it. Vote Dick Brewbaker for Congress.


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