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The Intifada Comes to America

As hard as it is for me to admit, it is time we talk seriously about the limits of freedom of speech. As a staunch defender of our First Amendment rights, even I cannot ignore the chaos unfolding across America. From the streets of Dearborn, Michigan to the streets of New York city they are protests that border on outright riots that are raging unchecked. On campuses of so-called elite schools like Columbia and Yale University to state schools including the University of Texas and Ohio State University, we are hearing cries of “Death to America!” and anti-Jewish tropes like from the “River to the Sea”. These actions are unbelievably supported by the administration and facilities at these universities. These are not just heated words; they are a direct attack on the fabric of our nation, an abuse of our cherished freedoms.

I am an unyielding advocate for free speech, but what we are seeing here isn’t about free speech—it’s about “hate speech” that borders on incitement. Ronald Reagan, a true constitutional champion, understood something vital: our freedoms come with responsibilities. He famously said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.” This means accountability is key, and when free speech is used as a weapon to incite violence especially when it’s against a particular ethnic or religious group like in this case, it is time to draw the line.

The Supreme Court itself has said the Constitution is not a suicide pact. We can’t ideally stand by and let our country be torn apart by those who misuse their freedoms to hate and violence. This phrase originally from Justice Robert H. Jackson—who prosecuted Nazi war criminals, reminds us that our liberties should not serve as a cover for threats to national security.

“Death to America” were cries of an intifada in Iran in the '70s to its echoes on our own streets today, particularly targeting our alliance with Israel, it is clear: these are not just words; they are threats to our security and democracy. It is time Congress stepped up to clearly define and regulate hate speech that is disguised as political expression.

We need to recalibrate our legal frameworks to protect our nation and uphold true democratic discourse. This is not about shutting down legitimate protest; it is about ensuring that freedom of speech does not turn into a free pass for violence.

Amidst this chaos, it is glaringly obvious that President Joe Biden is sitting on the sidelines, not taking decisive action against these anti-Semitic domestic terrorists they deserve. Why? It is hard not to see that these radical groups align themselves with the far-left factions of his supporter base. Biden’s hesitation to condemn and take strong action against these groups speaks volumes about his administration’s priorities and the political calculations at play. By failing to confront these extremists head-on, he is allowing this dangerous ideology to fester and grow, compromising our national security and the safety of our citizens. It is a stark reminder that leadership involves tough decisions and true leaders must be willing to stand against their allies when they cross the line into extremism and violence. The President’s inaction is a betrayal of the principles of justice and equality he claims to uphold.

So, as we deal with what is being called “The Intifada Comes to America,” it is critical for Congress to act thoughtfully but decisively to protect our union and our people. It is what Ronald Reagan would have advocated for—a nation united under the principles of freedom and responsibility, ensuring our rights do not trample our safety and unity.


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