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The Price Hornsby Act: Alabama's Stand Against a Silent Epidemic

In the heart of Alabama, a crisis looms—a silent predator stealing the promise and potential of our youth. Fentanyl, a lethal synthetic opioid, is wreaking havoc across the nation, and Alabama is no exception. The time to act is now, and the Alabama Senate and sponsor Jay Hovey (R) Auburn have the ball in their court. They must pass House Bill 280, also known as the Price Hornsby Act, to protect our children from the deadly grasp of this drug.

Representative Joe Lovvorn, inspired by the successful implementation of Tucker's Law in Texas, introduced this lifesaving legislation to mandate fentanyl abuse prevention and drug poisoning awareness education in Alabama’s public schools for students in grades six through twelve. This is not merely a legislative measure—it is a moral and necessary imperative. The tragic death of Price Hornsby, a 17-year-old from Auburn to fentanyl poisoning lays bare the urgent need for action. His untimely demise is not just a statistic; it is a clarion call that echoes through the hearts of every parent, educator, and policymaker in our state.

Fentanyl is not just another drug; it is a death sentence for those who encounter it unwittingly. Up to 50 times stronger than heroin, its capacity for destruction is unmatched. The Price Hornsby Act offers a beacon of hope. It aims to arm our students with knowledge, the most powerful tool we have to combat this scourge. By educating our young people about the dangers of synthetic opioids, we can forge a path toward safety and awareness.

Rep. Lovvorn, with his background as a first responder, understands the gravity of this crisis more than most. His personal commitment to the well-being of Alabama’s citizens shines through this legislation. “As a parent, I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that the Hornsby family and others have endured,” Lovvorn stated. This act is not just policy; it is a protective measure, a crucial step towards safeguarding our children from the grip of this deadly epidemic.

The Price Hornsby Act has already passed the House with unanimous support—a rare and resounding endorsement of its necessity and efficacy. Now, it is before the Senate, where it must be met with the same urgency and resolve. This is not the time for hesitation or delay; it is a time for decisive action.

Senators of Alabama, I urge you: let us not wait for more lives to be lost before we act. Let us honor the memory of Price Hornsby and the countless others lost to this epidemic by taking a stand now. Pass the Price Hornsby Act. Protect our children. Secure our future. Do it for the countless young lives that hang in the balance. Do it because it is undeniably the right thing to do. Let us turn our grief into action, our loss into prevention, and our fears into a fight for life and safety. Vote yes on HB 280 and let us together tackle this crisis head-on.


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