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Unanimous Victory: How the Price Hornsby Act Paves the Way for Safer Alabama Schools

In a triumphant victory for the health and future of Alabama’s youth, the Senate has passed the Price Hornsby Act with a resounding unanimous vote of 35-0. This critical piece of legislation, skillfully shepherded through the legislative process by Representative Joe Lovvorn and Senator Jay Hovey, now awaits the signature of Governor Kay Ivey. It is imperative that Governor Ivey sign this bill into law without delay and that State Superintendent of Education Dr. Eric Mackey fast-track its implementation.

The Price Hornsby Act is not just a law; it is a lifesaver. Inspired by the heart-wrenching story of a young life cut tragically short by fentanyl poisoning. This act mandates crucial education on drug abuse prevention and awareness in Alabama’s schools. By introducing research-based instruction on fentanyl prevention to students from grades six through twelve, Alabama takes a proactive stance against a crisis that has devastated too many families.

Special thanks are due to Representative Lovvorn and Senator Hovey for their steadfast dedication and leadership. Their efforts underscore a commitment to the welfare of Alabama’s children that goes beyond politics—it is a deep, personal commitment to safeguarding our community’s future. Senator Jabo Waggoner deserves recognition for prioritizing this bill as Rules Chairman, ensuring it received the attention and urgency it warranted.

The entire Alabama House and Senate must be commended for their almost unheard-of unanimous support in both houses. This unity highlights a shared recognition of the critical importance of combating the opioid epidemic head-on, reflecting a legislature in tune with the needs of its constituents.

The impact of the Price Hornsby Act cannot be overstated. By educating our youth about the dangers of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, we arm them with the knowledge to make safer choices. This legislation will undoubtedly save lives, reducing the number of families who have to endure the agony of losing a loved one to drug poisoning.

As this bill moves to Governor Ivey’s desk, it carries with it the hopes and prayers of countless Alabamians. It represents a beacon of hope—a promise of a safer, more informed future for our children. Governor Ivey, by signing this bill, you have the power to affirm our state’s commitment to protecting its youngest citizens. Dr. Mackey, by implementing this act swiftly, you ensure that this vital education begins to take root in the next school year, building a foundation of awareness and prevention that can withstand the tide of this deadly epidemic.

The passage of the Price Hornsby Act is a monumental step forward in Alabama’s fight against the opioid crisis. It is a testament to what can be achieved when our leaders come together for a common, noble cause. Let us celebrate this achievement, not as the end of our efforts, but as a powerful continuation of our collective commitment to the health and well-being of all Alabamians especially our youth. Let us hope and pray that this legislation makes the difference I know it can.

Perry O. Hooper Jr. is former State Representative, a member of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee, and the 2016 Trump Victory Chair.

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