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Driving with a cell phone or mobile device in your hand is now illegal in Alabama

Motorists need to be aware that the state of Alabama wants you to put down your phone while driving.

Texting while driving is already illegal, now taking pictures, filming a movie, or talking on the phone with your device in your hand is also illegal.

You can still talk on the phone while you drive; but it needs to be done wirelessly with a headset or a new car that syncs the phone with the car's sound system.

The Alabama Legislature passed this in 2023; but gave motorists a one year grace period to adopt the lifestyle changes needed to be able to adapt to the new law. That time is now over and this goes into effect on Saturday, June 1.

You can now be ticketed.

Fines will start at $50, with a one-point violation on the motorist's driving record. A second violation would mean a $100 fine and a two-point violation. A third and subsequent violations would mean a $150 fine and a three-point violation.

This is a secondary violation, not a primary violation. Holding an electronic device cannot be the sole reason for stopping the driver.


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