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Sojourn Counseling Introduces PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate to Raise Awareness and Support

Vestavia Hills, AL – [June 3, 2024] – Sojourn Counseling is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, the PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate, aimed at raising awareness and support for individuals affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a significant mental health concern affecting millions of individuals worldwide, often stemming from traumatic experiences such as combat, accidents, or abuse. Despite its prevalence, many still face stigma and barriers to accessing the necessary support and resources.

With the introduction of the PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate, Sojourn Counseling aims to spark conversations surrounding PTSD, reduce stigma, and foster a community of support for those affected. The distinctive design of the license plate serves as a visible symbol of solidarity and understanding for individuals living with PTSD and their loved ones.

"Not only does the PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate raise vital funds for our counseling services, but it also serves as a beacon of hope and understanding for those affected by PTSD," said Beau Armistead, Director of Sojourn Counseling. "We believe that by bringing this issue to the forefront, we can create a more supportive and compassionate community for individuals living with PTSD, and spread the message that there is hope for healing."

Funds generated from the sale of the PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate will directly support Sojourn Counseling's mission to provide accessible mental health services to individuals and families in Alabama.

"We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with the community in promoting PTSD awareness and supporting those in need," added Armistead.

The PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate is now available through the Alabama Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division website. By displaying this distinctive license plate, individuals can show their support for PTSD awareness and contribute to making a positive impact in their community.

For more information or to order the PTSD Awareness Distinctive License Plate, please visit or contact Sojourn Counseling at

### About Sojourn Counseling:

Sojourn Counseling is a non-profit practice based in Vestavia Hills, AL, specializing in PTSD and trauma recovery. It is dedicated to providing quality mental health care to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Through a range of therapeutic modalities and initiatives, Sojourn Counseling strives to empower individuals with the message that there is hope for healing from trauma and PTSD.


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