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Tuberville does not seek to be vice president

Recently U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) spoke recently with the Yellowhammer News and other members of the press about his legislative priorities. In the larger discussion, the issue of his future and what role he might play in a potential Trump administration.

Sen. Tuberville denied reports that he was being considered as Trump's vice president.

"President Trump and I have talked about his vice-presidential candidate," said Sen. Tuberville. "I have suggested a few people. I am not one of those, but we do have some very capable and qualified people that could be the vice president for President Trump and then possibly be the President for the next eight years after that."

Tuberville stressed taking a long term strategy.

"And that is my concern – I think it is very important that we have somebody who has an eye for the future," said Tuberville. "Not just the four years with President Trump. I think he has got some very capable and qualified people. He is probably looking at a half a dozen across the country. I think President Trump could win by himself without anybody on the ticket with him; but of course, you need a vice president to do things that a president can't. I look forward to hearing who his candidate will be and I will be very supportive."

Tuberville was asked by a reporter if there were discussion about him serving in the Trump cabinet.

"He is going to have a transition team," Trump said. "I am sure that he is starting to put his team together. There is not just 10, 15, 20 people that you put together to run the United States of America, there is hundreds and hundreds that have to be chosen, appointed, and a lot of these have to go through Senate confirmation."

Tuberville did say that there will be members of the Senate who will tasked to serve in the second Trump administration.

"I know there will be some people that I deal with, friends of mine, every day in the Senate that will probably be on President Trump's cabinet," said Tuberville. "He is going to need good leadership around him. I know last time he would like to take a couple of his decisions back, but you're not going to be one hundred percent. It is a hard job. It is a hard job being at the top of the federal government; but I am looking forward to President Trump number one winning and him putting forward a very good team."

Tuberville said that he would be remaining in the Senate.

"I look forward to supporting him from the Senate," Tuberville stated. "That is my future representing the people of Alabama and supporting President Trump on Capitol Hill. It will be a very interesting time for the next six, seven, and eight months."

Tommy Tuberville was elected as a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention by the Alabama Republican State Executive Committee and then chosen as the head of the Alabama delegation by his fellow convention delegates. He is a close confidante and enthusiastic supporter of former President Trump.

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