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Alabama Republicans giddy after Biden had the worst presidential debate performance in American history

Democrats were horrified by President Joseph R. Biden's awful gaffe filled debate performance. Republicans were thrilled with President Donald J. Trump's debate performance. President Biden was unable to complete his own opening statement. The 81 year old President looked frail and his voice was thin and raspy to begin the debate

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued a statement at the conclusion of the presidential debate in Atlanta.

"Donald Trump delivered a strong debate performance, speaking directly to the American people, addressing their concerns, and showing his commitment to fighting for our country," said Chairman Wahl. "He emphasized the urgent need to secure the southern border, defend individual liberty, and assist struggling families by reducing the cost of living. Trump articulated a vision of restoring the American dream through common-sense policies."

"In contrast, Joe Biden seemed more focused on personal attacks against his opponent than on the pressing issues facing the American people. Under Biden's leadership, our nation is struggling, and this debate highlighted the necessity for change," said Wahl. "The Republican Party proudly stands for the American people and is dedicated to putting them first. We look forward to communicating that message between now and November 5th."

At one point during the debate President Biden said that no American service members are dying on his watch.

Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) said on X, "Biden just said we haven't lost any service members on his watch. Thirteen of our service members lost their lives during his botched Afghanistan withdrawal."

Biden has been by polls ahead of the first 2024 televised presidential debate with former President Donald Trump. He has been losing ground in all of the swing states.

The election will be November 5.

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