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Clean Up Alabama warns that the Autauga Prattville Public Library is under attack from left wing radicals

Clean Up Alabama on Tuesday released a statement claiming that the Autauga Prattville Public Library (APPL) is "under attack from left wing radicals for creating safeguards to protect children and needs your help!" "The ramifications of this federal lawsuit will set the precedent in the battle for the minds of our youth."

Read Freely Alabama founder Angie Hayden and Alabama Library Association immediate past president Matthew Layne have sued the Library in federal court alleging that the library's policy is anti-LGBTQ+

Clean Up Alabama maintains that the federal lawsuit is being "Orchestrated by wealthy D.C. and Chicago based activists has been filed against APPL for developing common sense policies that protect children from exposure to sexual content, policies which comply with the state requirements later enacted by the Alabama Public Library Service."

Cleanup Alabama says that this was a "sensible move, aimed at protecting our youth."

Libraries are a managed collection, not a warehouse for everything that has ever been written by everyone.

"Libraries have always thoughtfully curated their collections based on the needs and values of their communities," Clean Up Alabama wrote. "No one library can house every book ever written. The current uproar is an attempt to reframe this long-standing practice of content management as censorship. It's a misguided effort to sow confusion and undermine the responsible choices made by libraries to protect young minds."

They argue that the library workers at the Autauga Prattville Library simply seek the same autonomy to make "selection decisions" allowed at other libraries. Dr. David Perry, a board certified practicing pediatrician, has described the need for such selection decisions to protect the mental and emotional state of our youth in a recent letter.

"Contrary to misleading narratives, books with heavy adult themes are still available in the APPL for adults to check out," Clean Up Alabama continued. "What the lawsuit plaintiffs want though is for books that graphically detail sexual acts to be funded by taxpayers and available for minors to checkout."

Clean Up Alabama has vowed to support the Autauga Prattville Library and are asking for contributions to help them in their legal defense.

"Prattville is fighting for the next generation and you can join them by contributing to their legal defense," said Clean Up Alabama.


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