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Tuberville vows to oppose all Biden's political and judicial nominees

This is an election year and not much gets done legislatively during presidential election years; but this is not your normal presidential election. On Thursday, May 30 a New York jury found the presumptive Republican nominee for President – former President Donald J. Trump – guilty on 34 counts. Republicans, including U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama), are furious about the verdict and what they perceive as the Democrats weaponizing the legal system against Trump and the GOP.

Tuberville told select members of the Alabama press in a phone interview on Wednesday that the trial was "A witch hunt."

"Last week the jury in New York voted to convict former President Donald Trump," said Tuberville. "What a joke, This trial was a political witch hunt from the start. The fact that the Biden campaign staged a press conference outside the court tells you everything you need to know."

Tuberville maintains that Manhattan prosecutor, Alvin Bragg – a Democrat- and New York Judge Juan Merchan rigged the trial against President Trump.

"Liberal activist Alvin Bragg and Biden donor Judge Merchan had a shared goal: to put President Trump behind bars," Tuberville told Alabama reporters. "When you consider the lopsided jury, the gag order issued to silence only President Trump, the prosecution's failure to outline the alleged underlying crimes, or the lack of a unanimous verdict required for conviction this was pure election interference plain and simple."

Tuberville has been very critical of the Democrats' immigration policies. Under President Joseph R. Biden (D) Democrats have allowed nearly ten million illegal immigrants to resettle in the United States – nearly twice the population of the state of Alabama. Frustration with Democrats' unwillingness to address crime or border security issues combined with the allegations of weaponizing the legal system against President Trump have made some conservatives, including Sen. Tuberville, unwilling to compromise with Senate Democrats and the Biden administration.

"I am not going to stand by while they run our country into the ground," Tuberville told reporters. "My conservative colleagues and I have pledged to oppose any additional non-security related funding and all of Biden's judicial and political nominees and any Democratic bills designed to tear our country apart."

Tuberville maintains that he would be willing to get behind a border security bill that actually has border security in it; but only if it is a serious effort.

"If Democrats want to get serious about securing our borders and enforcing our laws; I am ready to hear about it; but I refuse to cooperate with any Democratic legislative priorities designed to take down President Trump or any other candidate, from either side," said Tuberville. "I won't sit by while Democrats tear this country apart."

Tuberville hopes that Trump is elected on November 5 and that Republicans take back control of the U.S. Senate. Republicans need to pick up two Senate seats to take back control of the Senate.

Tuberville himself unseated a Democratic incumbent in 2020 when he defeated Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama).

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