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Wes Allen says that the Biden Administration is providing voter registration forms to non-citizens

On Tuesday, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen (R) released a statement which he says exposes federal policies that provide voter registration forms to non-citizens and, additionally, cause voter registration information to be mailed to deceased individuals.

"We have received complaints from concerned Alabama voters who received voter registration forms in the mail addressed to a deceased relative," Sec. Allen said. "Those voter registration mailings are not coming from my office but are, instead, coming from state agencies at the direction of the federal government due to an overly broad interpretation of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). These practices are appalling and the federal law must be changed."

Current federal policies mandate that anyone who comes into contact with certain state agencies be provided with voter registration information. This policy mandates that non-citizens receive information regarding registering to vote in Alabama and registration forms required to register to vote. The purpose of the federal NVRA as it was originally passed was never to provide voter registration forms to non-citizens or to deceased Americans.

"In addition to testifying before the United States Senate committee regarding my office's efforts to ensure that illegal immigrants and non-citizens are not voting in our elections, my office has made several attempts, both in writing and verbally, to gain clarification from the White House regarding the Biden Administration's efforts to expand the NVRA through the implementation of Presidential Executive Order 104019." Allen explained. "It is obvious to me that this EO is an attempt to federalize an expansion of voter registration policies originally established by the NVRA. I have requested access to public records and information related to those plans and their implementation within our state. Those requests have been ignored."

"The Biden Administration is knowingly and purposefully enacting policies that result in supplying non-citizens with a mechanism to register to vote in our state and all 49 other states," said Allen. "To say I am deeply concerned is an understatement. Only American citizens should be allowed to participate in our elections. Biden's attempt to take advantage of the crisis he created at the border by tying the hands of agencies such as Medicaid and forcing them to enact his scheme is disgraceful. Election integrity is a top priority of this office and nobody, not even President Biden, is going to get me to back down from that."

The Biden administration is fearful that voters will turn to former President Donald J. Trump (R) and Congressional Republicans when they vote in November. Democrats perform better with new immigrants to this country and first generation Americans. Americans whose grandparents were also Americans citizens has become more of a struggle. The Biden administration effectively dismantled all of the border security measures that the Trump administration had put in place and refused to build the border wall even though money had already been congressionally appropriated for it. Biden in one term has imported nearly ten million people into this country over and above normal legal immigration. Democrats hope that this benefits them on election day as well as repopulating blue states and districts where natural born Americans have been leaving ahead of the 2030 Census.

Wes Allen is Alabama's 54th Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is Alabama's Chief Elections Official. Alabama law gives the Secretary of State more than 1,000 different duties.

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