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Biden Hides While Trump Leads

President Joe Biden has retreated to Camp David for an entire week of debate preparation. It’s another glaring example of his neglect of duties as President of the United States. Instead of leading the country, Biden is in isolation with his campaign staff. This escapade at “Debate Camp” led by his former Chief of Staff Ron Klain, highlights the stark contrast between Biden’s hands-off approach and Trump’s relentless schedule leading up to the debate.

Biden’s decision to spend seven days at Camp David, a secluded presidential retreat, speaks volumes about his priorities. According to ABC News, Biden’s debate prep includes rehearsing standing for 90 minutes. Yes, you read that right. The President of the United States is practicing how to stand up for an hour and a half. This is not just a waste of time; it’s a glaring neglect of his duty as the leader of the free world.

Biden’s camp, filled with senior campaign advisers, is hunkering down to coach the octogenarian president on how to handle the pressure of a debate. The fact that such intensive preparation is deemed necessary underscores Biden’s physical and mental frailty. If elected, he would be 86 at the end of his term, making him the oldest president ever to serve. The bar is set so low for Biden that all he has to do is show up without keeling over to be considered successful.

In stark contrast, Trump is maintaining a relentless campaign schedule. He’s out there engaging with the American people, holding rallies, and delivering speeches. According to his senior adviser Jason Miller, Trump doesn’t need traditional debate prep because he’s constantly tested through tough interviews and lengthy rally speeches. Trump’s stamina and vigor are on full display demonstrating his readiness to lead.

While Biden was hidden away, Trump held a campaign rally in a deep blue neighborhood in North Philadelphia and delivered the keynote address to the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington. He’s also planning a fundraiser in New Orleans before heading to Florida for meetings. This relentless pace showcases Trump’s commitment to being with the people and addressing their concerns rather than isolating himself in preparation for a debate. Before heading to Camp David for seven days, Biden sat on stage before a select group of Hollywood celebrities speaking incoherently and had to be led off stage by Barack Obama.

The real issue here is Biden’s ability to lead. Spending a week in seclusion for debate prep is not what the American people need from their president. They need a leader who is actively engaged, constantly on the move, and ready to face challenges head-on. Trump’s approach, with his tireless campaigning and direct engagement with the public, is a testament to his readiness and capability.

In the end, Biden’s week-long retreat to Camp David highlights his weaknesses and raises serious questions about his ability to lead. Meanwhile, Trump’s relentless schedule and direct engagement with the American people showcase his strength and readiness to serve. The American people deserve a president who is always prepared, always engaged, and always ready to lead from the front.

Perry O Hooper Jr is a former State Representative who writes columns on his political perspective and has been published in a number of publications around Alabama and beyond. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump and was the 2016 Trump Victory Chair.

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