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Dr. Jordan Vaughn tells Congress that FDA's approval of COVID vaccine may have led to people being vaccine injured

The COVID-19 pandemic began in China in late 2019. The origins of the virus, the government response, and the safety of the subsequent COVID vaccine remain controversial even to this day. On Wednesday, Birmingham Doctor Jordan Vaughn testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust. The topic was "Follow the Science?: Oversight of the Biden Covid-19 Administrative State Response."

"My name is Jordan Vaughn. I am an internist in private practice in Birmingham, Alabama," Dr. Vaughn told the Committee. "I am also the founder of the Foundation for Microvascular Research for spike protein and long covid an organization dedicated to researching the cause and exploring treatments for those suffering from vaccine injury and long covid."

When COVID-19 hit the Birmingham area beginning in late March 2020, Vaughn had to deal with an increasing number of patients infected with the new coronavirus. – that was unknown to science just four months prior. Vaughn immersed himself into learning as much as he could about the new threat. Its symptoms, and efforts to treat patients.

"Based on my reading and clinical experience, what made COVID-19 especially unique and deadly was the Spike Protein," Dr Vaughn explained. "The Spike Protein and specifically the S1 Subunit of this Protein is a pathogen. It is immunotoxic, cytotoxic, coagulopathic, and amyloidogenic."

The leadership of the global healthcare complex put all of their efforts into developing a vaccine against this novel threat and getting it into development and production in a previously unimagined record time – "Operation Warp Speed."

"The 'medical industrial complex' proposed solution was a novel mechanism of injecting LNP coated modified messenger RNA ((modified by incorporating N1-methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ)) that encoded for a stabilized form of the s1 subunit of the spike protein to be produced by the recipient's cells in an unknown amount for an unknown amount of time{Krauson, A. J., 2023; Boros, L. G., 2024}," explained in his written testimony. "Though touted as a technology that would allow one to compress the time frame of everything from trials to mass production, this over reliance and almost exuberance on a technology with many stated limitations combined with the active production(versus passive interface) of a uniquely damaging pathogen like s1 subunit of the spike protein should have raised concern."

Decision makers plowed over a hundred billion dollar in corporate, institutional, and corporate funds into developing a vaccine. The vaccine was being injected into the arms of the most vulnerable Americans less than a year after the first victims of COVID-19 died in China. Almost from the beginning, there were reports of adverse events following people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

"My first clinical introduction to the adverse effects from the Pfizer Vaccine was winter 2021 and involved a 69-year-old male with no prior history of COVID-19 that presented with shortness of breath two days following his second dose of mRNA injection," Dr. Vaughn testified. "He was in distress and just didn't feel right. Knowing this patient's medical history (as he was my regular patient for almost a decade), his symptoms combined with an elevated d-dimer and mildly increased BNP, I suspected a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) however, upon getting a CT Angio of the Chest and Lower Ext Doppler, none was found. Despite this and knowing 'my patient' combined with my knowledge of the unique coagulation and vascular pathology attributed to the S1 Subunit of the Spike Protein from Sars-CoV2, I empirically treated him with anticoagulants and antiplatelets given his clinical picture. This quickly resolved his symptoms but the search for what happened began in earnest."

"This patient and additional others forced me to reach out to individuals learning about the unique coagulation properties associated with the spike protein," Vaughn recounted. "The spike protein and specifically the s1 subunit was able to induce fibrin that was resistant to fibrinolysis and irreversible platelet activation. This spike protein also damages the vasculature causing multi-organ endothelial injury."

"Though often called long covid, the devasting effects of the spike protein to multiple systems is changing the landscape of many medical disciplines," Vaughn stated. "In discussions with my colleagues from cardiology to neurology, the issues we are seeing in clinic and the ever-declining age of presentation since 2021 are alarming. The expected and predictable elderly patient with years of chronic illness has been quickly outnumbered by the now lifeless and debilitated young patient with no previous medical problems."

"I have seen over 2000 unique patients," said Vaughn. "All of them have sequala from a COVID-19 Injection, a SARS-CoV2 Infection, or, most often, both. Especially in those with vaccine injury, their faith in medicine and public health is shattered."

Even though there was growing reports of high incidents of unexplainable adverse events post COVID

"Under the August 2021 military service member, federal employee, and OSHA mandate these individuals faced a decision to either vaccinate against their conscience and common sense or lose a career and gainful employment. Disabled from the adverse effects of these mandated injections, the profession they once held dear is an

afterthought to just hoping for a diagnosis and possible treatment. Among the most egregious is our service members needlessly harmed through the mandate. Knowing the emerging data in the spring of 2021 around the hearts of young athletic individuals and myocarditis from the mod mRNA COVID-19 injections, the FDA and the Biden administration sought to speed up approval and mandate it to the military in the name of military preparedness. Among the more than 30 service members my clinic has seen, a couple stories stick out and these are the ones just local to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. A 22-year-old navy seal trainee who following the vaccine was unable to feel his legs and was hospitalized in Guam for what was diagnosed originally as rhabdomyolysis. Ultimately, he appeared, fragile and debilitated in my clinic in December 2021."

The former high school athlete arrived at Vaugh's clinic being pushed in a wheelchair by his parents.

"A 42-year-old male Lieutenant Colonel with 19 years of military leadership training and a West Point graduate with only a past medical history of hypertension and burn pit exposure that presented with having increased shortness of breath," recounted Dr. Vaughn. "He was reluctant but was required after recovering from COVID to get the COVID vaccine. CT done to rule out lung pathology revealed a 2.5cm mass found on the head of the pancreas requiring a whipple surgery to remove. He is now struggling to remain fit for duty."

"32-year-old male staff sergeant with no medical history and 10 years of military service came to us with increasing shortness of breath and constant chest pain since his booster," said Dr. Vaughn. "He has ongoing and persistent exercise intolerance causing weight gain, HTN. This has unfortunately led to depression and suicidal ideations, and he is now being medically discharged since he cannot pass a physical training test."

"A 38-year-old male with 16 years of military service serving as a staff sergeant in the Army Reserves immediately with debilitating body aches and flu-like symptoms after his second Pfizer injection," Dr. Vaughn testified. "He also had immediate severe left arm pain and redness at the injection site. He came to us unable to walk from the parking lot without severe fatigue. His weekend warrior reservist military job has now cost him his full-time livelihood as he has now lost his civilian job. Additionally, he is unable to meet military demands and will be medically discharged."

"A 47-year-old Colonial and West Point graduate that had just completed a brigade command received 2 Moderna vaccines," recounted Dr. Vaughn. "He reported that despite having just recovered from COVID in January 2021, 3 months later he was rushed to quickly fulfill the military requirements and therefore had a Moderna vaccine in March 2021 along with another in April 2021- a requirement that he knew seemed ridiculous and didn't seem "right". He was afraid that after over 25 years of service, refusing or questioning this requirement would not be a good example for his soldiers and as a distinguished military leader, he wanted to complete his service honorably and in good standing. After being fully vaccinated and with completed vaccine requirements, he got a mild COVID infection again. Tragically, just a few months later, he barely made it home from physical training one morning and had a sudden cardiac event resulting in his son's desperate and unsuccessful attempt to resuscitate him in his own bathroom floor. His 15-year-old son had just been taught CPR training in Boy Scouts. He leaves behind 1 teenage son, 2 teenage daughters, a beautiful wife along with many heartbroken friends and family."

"My main area of clinical expertise is around the effects on the vascular and coagulation systems," continued Dr. Vaughn. "All systems in the body require blood and vessels and when these systems are compromised the effects can vary from acutely devastating to chronically debilitating. Many of the chronically debilitated suffer from a diverse array of symptoms but at its core most have brain fog (cognitive dysfunction), shortness of breath, and post exertional malaise (PEM). Lack of local oxygen to demanding tissues from sludging with amyloid fibrin aggregates and endothelial injury of the microvasculature is one of the theoretical culprits."

"As a clinician, I can only tell you about what I see in my clinic and how it impacts the daily lives and the physical and mental health of those once vibrant and healthy patients," Dr. Vaughn said. "What concerns me is those not able to be seen in the clinic or those that have been to multiple specialists and had absolutely nothing done to treat their worsening condition. I am unable to tell you about those that suffer deadly consequences never allowed to seek help. Finally, I am unable to predict the future implications that infection induced or modified mRNA vaccine produced spike protein will have on our population."

Critics claim that the Biden Administration pressured the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to "cut corners" and lower agency standards to approve the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and authorize boosters. This approval enabled the Biden administration to mandate the vaccine, despite concerns that the vaccine was causing injury among otherwise healthy young Americans.

"It is the federal regulatory bodies including the FDA that are tasked by us the citizens to be forthright, unbiased, and responsive to the efficacy and evolving evidence of risk and consequences to the products they license," said Dr. Vaughn. "Informed consent is the foundation of the patient-physician relationship and absent the information forthcoming that relationship is irreparably harmed, and the practice of medicine continues to suffer."

"Over the past few years, we have heard media, public health officials, and politicians use the phrase 'follow the science,'" said Vaughn. "The problem with 'following the science' is that science does not lead anywhere. Science is an observer, measurer, and descriptor - not a leader. Individuals lead. Pressing 'science' to lead is a way decision makers avoid accountability for choices they make on the public's behalf."

In addition to increases in instances of myocarditis, blood clotting, unexplained sudden death, Bell's palsy, and other conditions instances of "brain fog" and cognitive decline have been observed post COVID-19 vaccinations.

President Biden received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on live television on December 2020.

He received his second dose of the vaccine two weeks later and has reportedly been boostered multiple times with the newest versions of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sadly, a growing body of evidence of mental decline finally culminated in a horrid debate performance by the President on Thursday in front of a TV audience of 50 million. It is not known if vaccine injury played any part in the President's still unexplained rapid mental and physical decline.

Congress is considering reforms to how the administrative state approves new vaccines moving forward in the wake of the perceived failures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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