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Secretary of State Wes Allen Signs Agreement with State of Louisiana to Cross Check Voter Files

Last week, Secretary of State Wes Allen signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Louisiana Secretary of State Nancy Landry to cross-check the states' voter files and identify individuals registered to vote in both states. Once an individual has been identified as a potentially ineligible voter, the Secretary of State's office will begin the voter removal process in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act.

Louisiana is the sixth state to partner with Alabama as part of the Alabama Voter Integrity Database (AVID). AVID was developed by Secretary Allen and his team as the Alabama-based replacement for the private third-party group, the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

"Ensuring the security of Alabama elections is a top priority. Proper voter file maintenance is the foundation of election integrity," Allen said. "On the campaign trail, I promised that my first official act as Secretary of State would be to withdraw Alabama from the ERIC," Secretary Allen explained.

"AVID is the Alabama based solution to voter file maintenance. My team and I spent months planning and developing AVID with the goal of ensuring that Alabama has the cleanest and most accurate voter file in the country," said Secretary Allen. "Because of AVID, Alabama voters can have confidence that their elections are fair, secure, and transparent."

Secretary Allen thanks the staff of the Alabama and Louisiana Secretary of State's offices for their work preparing this MOU.

"I want to thank our team in Alabama and Secretary Landry's team in Louisiana for their hard work on this MOU," said Secretary Allen. "Over 140,000 potentially ineligible voters have been identified through AVID thus far, and I look forward to seeing the progress that will be made through AVID's sixth state partnership."

Alabama has entered into MOUs with all four of its border states and with Arkansas. View the signed MOUs here:

Wes Allen is Alabama's 54th Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is Alabama's Chief Elections Official. Additionally, Alabama law gives the Secretary of State more than 1,000 different duties. To learn more about the Secretary of State and his responsibilities and duties visit


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