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Tuberville says that we cannot survive as a country if we don't start drilling for our own oil and natural gas

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) told the Alabama Press corps that climate change is a "hoax" and that the United States "cannot survive" "unless we start drilling for our own oil and natural gas."

The Alabama Gazette asked Tuberville about a new California rule that would require railroads to use only electric, rechargeable electric, or hydrogen powered train locomotives in order to fight climate change.

Tuberville denounced what he called "this climate hoax."

"Keep electing these people that believe our world is coming to an end because of this climate hoax, which ever since the 1950s and 60s I have been hearing ozone, acid rain, global warming, freezing, I mean it is just one thing after another," Sen. Tuberville said. "Folks this climate situation that the Democrats continue bringing up is nothing but a tax. It is nothing but a tax so they can gain control of more of your money."

Tuberville said that America cannot survive and be the leader of the free world without oil and gas.

"There is no possible way we can do without diesel engines." Tuberville said. "There is no possible way that we can do without gas engines for cars or trucks. There is no way that we can build enough EV cars and trucks; nor do we have the power for that. This country was built on plentiful, cheap oil, gas, and electricity. Now if we want to do solar and wind? Fine. I think that can help; but at the end of the day, we cannot survive as a country. We cannot be the leader of the free world, unless we start drilling for our own oil and gas."

Tuberville said that Biden's energy policies have enriched the USA's enemies.

"We have enriched China," said Tuberville. "We have enriched Russia. We have enriched Iran; and now look at who is coming after us. We are not the leader of the free world anymore simply for the fact that Joe Biden said no more oil and gas for the United States of America. The Democrats should be absolutely ashamed of what they have done to our country."

Tuberville held out hope that former President Donald J. Trump (R) would be elected in November and that he would be able to reverse Biden's climate policies allowing for more domestic oil and gas exploration. Trump is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee; while Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

"The cavalry is coming. President Trump will be back; and we will be drilling," Tuberville told the Alabama reporters.

Tommy Tuberville is the former football coach at Auburn University. He also coached at Ole Miss, Texas Tech, and The University of Cincinnati. He was elected to the United States Senate in 2020, defeating incumbent Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama) in a landslide.

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