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Biden's Dam Is About To Burst

My, what a difference a few days makes!

It seems like just yesterday Joe Biden's defenders were continuing to insist that he was fine. The campaign was trumpeting the $27 million he'd raised since the debate, and after all, no serving Democrat had called for him to step down, had they?

Then on Tuesday, Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) became the first Democrat to formally call for Biden to bow out.

"Recognizing that unlike Trump, President Biden's first commitment has always been to our country, not himself, I am hopeful that he will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw. I respectfully call on him to do so," Doggett said in his July 2nd statement.

If Joe Biden's nomination is a dam, the pressure has been building up behind it for months now. Every gaffe, vacant state, wandering moment, reading "end of quote" and other stage directions from the teleprompter...the cracks have been there but they've been coolly ignored by the Democrats and their media minions.

Until last Thursday's debate.

What were we supposed to believe? The evidence of our lying eyes, or the strident platitudes and reassuring statements of the White House, senior Democrats and (allegedly) trusted pundits? It certainly didn't help that a number of those very same pundits began actively panicking on air immediately after the debate.

Questions about Joe's replacement began swirling while Dr. Jill was helping the old guy off the debate stage. Still, the official line through the weekend was that Joe was just having a bad night, and he'd come back strong. Besides, it would be too difficult to change the nominee at this point, wouldn't it?

Sometime Monday, the tenor of the arguments for keeping Joe began to shift, and this became glaring apparent to those of us who watch these things by Tuesday. Tucker Carlson's tweets from Monday were just the tip of the iceberg. CNN's Jake Tapper, who co-hosted the debate, hammered Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) on Monday for the Democrat's pattern of denying Biden's behaviors. Speaking about Biden's obvious difficulties in focusing and articulating during the debate, Tapper said, "With all due respect, it is not honest to say that this is just one night. There have been moments like this that people have seen in front of the cameras and other moments without cameras." He then played a tape of Joe having a senior moment at a recent DACA event to prove his point.

Of course, Coons replied "That doesn't trouble me at all."

The one that really caught my attention was Nancy Pelosi's change from "Biden doesn't have dementia, Trump's got dementia" on Sunday to Joe's mental state being "a legitimate question" on Tuesday. That's not exactly subtle, and for Nancy to change that drastically in only 48 hours? I smell a vodka-soaked rat.

If Jake Tapper and Nancy Pelosi are both being this blatant about Joe's fitness to be President, that can only mean one thing-the Powers That Be have decided it's time for Joe to go.

We're at the point in the movie where the main character points to the dam and says, "See? There's your crack! We've got to evacuate the town right now, while we still can!"

All day Tuesday, more cracks appeared. Rep. Doggett's was a big one, and I expect several more Congressional Dems to follow his lead soon. They'll do more than the "distancing" they did over the weekend-they'll be checking out the potential replacements and figuring their best angle. I expect most will hesitate to support anyone until a clearer picture emerges. As always, they'll be covering their own posteriors first, and doing what's best for their party and nation will be far down their lists of priorities.

As for the White House? They'll continue to insist "all is well" until it obviously isn't. This will probably be sometime after the dam bursts and a wall of water is seconds away from slamming into the town.

But then, there's the report from iSource News (@isource_news) Tuesday evening that the Drop-Out Speech has already been written, and will be delivered by Biden after the 4th. He'll cite his lifelong service, declining health and toll on his family as he withdraws "for the good of the country."

Is this a reliable report? I don't know, but their feed doesn't seem to be filled with insane speculations. Relatively speaking, of course.

iSource also reported on Saturday, 6/29 that Dr. Jill was negotiating a "Biden Exit Deal" that included a $2 billion Presidential library, protection from prosecution for the iden family and a $100 million book deal guarantee for herself.

I guess all those upholstery fabric dresses don't come cheap. This hasn't been confirmed, either, but it certainly sounds like a plausible ask.

There's also the report by @dom_lucre from midday Tuesday that Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly "has been approached by the DNC to step up for President and he has their support." Senator Kelly is a former U.S. Navy combat pilot and NASA astronaut, and has the great advantage of NOT being on the laundry list of "potential replacements" that has been circulating these past few days. Given how underwhelmingly cringeworthy this list is, I can't say that being unknown outside of your home state is necessarily a bad thing at this point.

So, Biden go "Buh Bye" in just a few days? I think that's more likely than not. The dam is crumbling, and that will only accelerate until it bursts. There are too many people who've come out and questioned his ability not just to win, but his current fitness to serve. The American people expect the President to be available 24/7, not just between 10 AM and 4 PM. And his polling since the debate has been abysmal enough to terrify the Dems.

I want to go on record as being 100% committed to Joe Biden being the 2024 Democratic Nominee for President. He was the choice of their primary voters, and the Party needs to stand by their voters and the man they voted for!

The Democrats picked this demented jackass. I want to see them try to ride him away from the MAGA flood that's coming in November.

Dr. Bill Chitwood is a retired Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist who does political consulting and media relations. He is the author of Beyond Maga, available on Amazon under his pen name, Doc Contrarian. He can be found on Substack and social media as @DocContrarian.

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