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My first visit to the Davis Ranch in the Dallas Texas area was in 2013. There I met several men including John Davis, the owner. We hit it off almost immediately. It was not too long after that, I began flying there a couple times a year to do hunting and speaking events with a small group of men. That place holds a lot of great memories. It was there I took my first Rio turkey. It was there I harvested several pigs. And it was there where I met the most amazing men, many who have become lifelong friends. The first Circle Event was held there. It was nothing more than what we had been doing, but with a greater emphasis on making sure we encouraged men in their faith. But these events were more than me teaching. They were special in that we just hung out, ate well, laughed, competed, hunted, and just learned about the life of each person who was there. I know it sounds like we’re putting these events to rest. We’re not. We’re just putting them to rest at the Davis Ranch. After 19 years, John decided to sell the ranch. The children are grown and have their own family and interests that don’t include this special place. Even though it will always be special to them. While they have so many mixed emotions about “dad” selling, they understand that things change as we each get older. While all of this sounds a bit sad (and it is) there is so much good that continues to come from this place. And it was all because years ago, John felt like the Davis Ranch ought not only be used for his own pleasure, but for a Godly purpose. So, he did that, and while the Davis Ranch will change hands, Circle Events and ministry continue to happen, and even grow. Isn’t that neat?! Isn’t that tremendous how we can plant a seed that continues to produce fruit when we think God is done? All we have to do is be willing to give God permission to use what we have. I’m getting ready to go to my 5th Circle Event in a couple of weeks. And there are more scheduled this year. Thanks John, for being willing.

But here’s the rest of the story. Not only was there a special beginning between the Davis Ranch and Outdoor Truths, but there was a special ending as well. At our last event, one man, Lee, who had lived most of his life as an atheist, was baptized – at the ranch- in the tank (pond), by his good friend Barry who had influenced him toward Christ. It was the first time each had attended a Circle Event. So, there we were, in the same water the cows enjoy, in the heat of Texas, celebrating new beginnings. Lee’s and John’s.



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