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 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    July 1, 2014 

The Christian And His Government

Like you, I hear my share of what’s wrong with government. And it’s not just what’s going on in Washington, sometimes it is just as likely to refer to our state or city. One doesn’t have to...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    June 1, 2014

Passing The Faith, Whose Job Is That?

Recently the heading of a short article caught my eye. It read, “Discipleship, Whose Responsibility?” Certainly as a Pastor the subject of “Discipleship” grabbed my attention. After all,...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    May 1, 2014

"Your Family, Your Children and Your God"

The month of May is all about families. Not only do we celebrate Mother’s Day, but many families get together for reunions, kids finish the school year and some graduate. It can be a blessing or it...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    April 1, 2014

The Cross and History

One of the most compelling quotes I have ever read about this season of the year is this, "There was a cross in the heart of God before there was one planted on a green hill outside Jerusalem." As we...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    April 1, 2014

The Cross and History

continued from page 1 Eternity has no measurements, but we count days and years because our bodies are finite. It really was in the heart of God from the beginning and still reverberates through...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    March 1, 2014


Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything, except temptation.” Beneath that little bit of humor is fact. We are all tempted and we all sin. Jesus was the only exception. He was tempted as we...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    December 1, 2013

The Light of the World

As we prepare for Christmas among the most prominent symbols of the season are the lights. Perhaps it would seem almost a foregone conclusion that everyone makes the connection between lights and...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    November 1, 2013

Soul Searching

When we think of Thanksgiving, what images come to mind? For some it may be nothing more than food starting with the “old gobbler,” who was really just a “tom turkey” on some commercial farm...

 By Dr. Rick Marshall    Soul Searching    October 1, 2013

The Marshall Moment

Grace is one of the great words of the Christian faith. Without it the power of faith to heal pain, sustain in spite of life’s trials and to offer hope when life seems hopeless would be empty. Grace...