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Big Electromagnet Pulling Left

As I watch what is happening to core philosophies and belief systems internationally, domestically, and now in our own state, I am just shaking my head and looking down in dismay. The question I am asking myself, am I this dated, is there room anymore for an economic, moral, social, and constitutional conservative ideas; or have these definitions changed also? I was raised with three things you could always count on to be steadfast; facts, the Constitution and the Holy Bible. What has me shaking my head and distraught is what just took place in a Special Called Session of the Alabama Legislature, where my Republican brethren led the way and passed a forevergreen continuously escalating regressive Gas Tax on the backs of good, hardworking and poor people of this Great State.

Many years ago, the liberal mindset in this country set out on a mission to shape the minds of the future. There is an old saying, he who rocks the cradle, rules the world. Liberals are smarter than conservatives on this front. Passionately determined, liberals decades ago began to take over K-12 and higher learning. They took over the mainstream media, the arts, and Hollywood. You can tell this conviction is wining the day when the overwhelming majority of millennials feel entitled to a pay check without working, a free education, and free healthcare. I am not sure who is going to pay for all of this, but friends this real-time Socialism #101. Taking this one step further, now the Democrat Party is not center left, but controlled by this Big Electromagnet pulling to the left. Putting a face on this tsunamical trend is Senator Bernie Sanders and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now, we have two Democrat Muslim women elected to congress, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who admit that Sharia Law supersedes the constitution and were sworn into office with their hand on the Koran.

This electro-magnetic pull is not only affecting Democrats, but now is in the Republican camp. When Republicans started winning state and national elections, the same brilliant strategy to shape minds as aforementioned now wants to affect elections. Large money groups that used to fund Democrats, like personal injury trial lawyers, labor unions, gambling and the like are now run of the day in Republican legislative circles. It used to be that businesses large and small, agriculture and faith-based groups were the core financial support for Alabama Republicans. Now, traditional funds used to elect Democrats are being mainlined by Republicans. The Republican bus is no longer center right, but seriously swerving over the centerline into the left lane and running off the payment facing ongoing traffic.

So where is the plumb bob and center balance? Where do facts, the Constitution and the Bible are still steadfast? While there are many great smaller groups who embrace these core values that made America the lighthouse, and a

Big Electromagnet

beacon of hope for the world, there are two groups that touch on all issues important to conservative America. I urge you to go spend time at the John Birch Society (JBS) and the American Conservative Union (ACU & CPAC) websites. Non-negotiables engrained in true conservatives is protecting human life from conception to natural death, limited government, appoint strict constructionist (constitutional originalist) to the judiciary, preserving traditional marriage, government living within their means without raising taxes, protecting our borders, world peace through military strength, protecting the right to own and bear arms, preserving the constitution as written and a strong unwavering foreign policy that always put America first just to name a few. The JBS and ACU are the Gold Standard for broad conservatism. I suggest Republicans from the courthouse, legislatures and Congress get back to K-1 conservatism and hang out with JBS and ACU.

One of these days, socialism will collide with capitalism, liberalism will collide with conservatism and the Big Electromagnet will even manage to pull Republicans off center, implode, and wreck in the ditch. Then, emerging from the wreckage, there will once again be the clarion call and an unquenchable thirst to get back to the basics. The proven, tried, and tested truths and belief system that served us so well for so long will be sought after like the thirsty man crawling out of the dessert looking for water. They will be looking for a Moses to lead them once again out of captivity and bondage.

They will be begging to please turn off the switch to this Big Electromagnet. Trump on the other hand is trying his best to flip off the electrical breaker controlling the Big Electromagnet and return to the basics of the plumb bob. Alabama Republicans would be well-served to take note, most are in the left lane and don’t even know it or care!

My dad always taught us, “There is your side, their side and then what is right. Find what is right and don’t move.” America is the last bastion for the hope of freedom as a worldwide model. I Corinthians 15:33 states, “bad company corrupt good morals.” Are we going to affect them or are they going to change us? Always remember, even today, one is a majority.


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