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Bo Knows Corruption?

In this chapter of Malice in Hubbardland our “I like Mike” minions pollute the legacy of our greatest college athlete from Alabama last century and only professional athlete in history named an All-Star in both baseball and football. After soiling the repute of a great soldier/CiC like Eisenhower, little surprise these same political thugs and jock-sniffers would have no shame evoking the ‘athletic support’ of a star like Vincent Edward (Bo) Jackson to reduce consequences of their wrongdoings.

Rumour has it Felon Hubbard is NOT a happy inmate serving his greatly reduced, light sentence for the righteous convictions on his various political stealing in the Statehouse. Observing justice remove despicables like Siegleman and Hubbard (regardless of duopoly party affiliation) it has been a full-court press to hush reporting on others who’ve earned similar convictions. No shortage of them in Lee County. The politburo is making sure every disciplinary device from the Bar Association, Ethics Commission, Judicial Inquiry, etc. will not continue taking out the most egregious trash in Alabama - esp. Auburn/Opelika political crime families -- remaining a hot spot of ACCA, BCBS, BCA, EAMC ‘alphabet soup’ of agency corruption feeding our fattest corporate welfare parasites.

A Halloween chapter of Malice [] satirically sorts through “Hell’s Kitchen” back-door hush money dynamic. AU Horror Picture Show spoof plot connects the Bride of Felonstein with the YellaGrubber to funnel student/taxpayer subsidized ‘hush money’ to keep Hubbard quiet as reality set in (with serial Felon Hubbard’s coconspirators) Mike will finally do some prison time. Easy for “Hubbard Believers” to imagine Mike’s syrupy radio voice singing some very revealing, incriminating jailbird sonatas to reduce time in the prison system he helped evolve into the travesty it is today. Seems there’s not enough YellaGrubber Culinary Science Center money to quiet this greedy public servant under the very light correction assigned to Felon Hubbard, prompting jock-sniffers and most vulnerable Republican sycophants to beg Bo to provide cover in getting this risky jailbird out of prison.

Some may recall his trial where Hubbard approached the stand with his usual hubris then dove right in bellowing his phony baritone radio voice. At the outset it seemed to connect with most jurors talking about irrelevant things like his Georgia days, Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson, Vince Dooley, etc. After several minutes, when oration on how he met wife Susan was over, you could see some jurors losing patience. After about fifty minutes into his ramblings, Hubbard finally spoke on things of substance and jurors returned focus to find little in refute of the charges. If the prosecution had done more to explain the problem of no competitive bidding with Hubbard’s failed recusancy from Party votes on his contracts (even if best quality at lowest price as asserted) conviction on the first four counts were more likely. In short, the ‘I Believe in Mike Hubbard’ minions have been using the ‘appeal to jock-sniffers’ play for many years. Hopefully Hershel Walker will make a better US Senator than our mediocre football coach Senator who’s shown himself most ignorant of his task and oath to the Constitution. Yet another sports administrator parasite who thought the job would be easy and fun until consequences of their ineptitude surface.

O-A News reporter Alex Hosey [8/16/21] had Bo consorting with some of our most corrupt pillagers on the plains, shilling for yet another reduction in Felon Hubbard’s light prison sentence. Mr. Hosey’s report on letters of support submitted to Lee County Circuit Judge Jake Walker for Felon Hubbard’s early release were written by Bo Jackson, Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller, Opelika City Council President Eddie Smith, Auburn Board of Trustees member Gaines Lanier, former Auburn City Councilmember Gene Dulaney, Dr. Steven Presley with East Alabama Health and Auburn UMC Pastor Emeritus George Mathison. Quotes taken from Hosey’s O-A News report are included below.

Jackson wrote he’s known Hubbard for more than 35 years and called Hubbard a “trusted and valued friend.” Furthermore, “I don’t know all of the specifics of his case and I don’t need to know, because I know Mike,” Jackson wrote. “I have seen Mike Hubbard’s talents and skills first-hand, and have witnessed his unconditional support for his friends, family and community. Because of these characteristics, I know Mike will be a productive citizen and will have a positive impact on his environment. In fact, I look forward to working with him again as a part of future endeavors.” Jackson also asserted Hubbard played an important part in the 1985 Heisman decision. “Mike’s incredible work ethic, dedication, and creativity coupled with his countless hours of hard work on my behalf led to a successful Heisman campaign. For this, I am forever grateful. His commitment to the goal allowed me and Auburn University a place in history.”

One cannot dispute what Bo knows from his vantage point. It is difficult to come up with any college football player who required less support than Bo Jackson to earn/receive the Heisman Trophy. If Bo wants to give credit to Hubbard for his accomplishments, so be it. Felon Hubbard is masterful at getting others to believe in him for things like “Storming the Statehouse” (as straight ticket duopoly voters were finally cancelling each other out) when it was simply big govt. Democrats morphing into big govt. Republicans as observed in other States like SC. I ask Bo to know more about specifics and at least consider Felon Hubbard may not be the same person he remembers from decades ago before being polluted by FDIC Lowder and BCA Boob Riley. We witnessed enough ‘football interference’ in our political economy when Patrick Nix (former Auburn Quarterback) introduced Felon Hubbard to our grand parasite, public servant Bob Riley.

Mayor Fuller wrote, “Judge Walker, I cannot imagine any value or benefit of keeping this man in prison. He is certainly not a threat to society and sending him home would help, in a small way, to reduce the prison population and benefit the taxpayers of Alabama. It would be a kind and humane gesture if you would send him home to his wife and children.” Noticeably absent was Mayor Fuller’s text on others, who’ve stolen far less as non-violent criminals and done much less harm to so many families struggling to survive along with honest/competitive businesses who lost revenue due to Felon Hubbard’s cronyism. I doubt Bo or many others know/understand how this public servant as Mayor has stolen from Opelika’s electric rate base payers to enable the ‘Gig-City’ fraud. Under a more just and consistent prosecutorial environment (like Bristol, VA) this public servant would also have been convicted and assigned prison time. Some recall Fuller on the witness stand shilling belief in Hubbard as a ‘good man’ before Judge Walker’s sentencing, arrogantly asserting Felon Hubbard would be completely exonerated on appeal. When talking about ALDoT and other transfers to facilitate the cancerous growth and tax collusion in Lee County, one certainly questions Fuller’s criterion for “good.” Fortuitous to get a corrupt county to use their equipment clearing and grubbing for the Mayor while rural (mostly poor, black) folks can’t get to their churches and jobs because of poorly maintained roads which resulted from misallocations of this sort. Perhaps if Bo knows about more specific injustices of this sort, he’ll make an effort to reduce these outcomes instead of reducing Felon Hubbard’s sentence.

Eddie Smith appears much in lock step with former public servant Dulaney. Opelika Council President Smith has angered some (righteous) constituents I’ve spoken to shilling for Felon Hubbard these past years, espousing Mike has only five convictions after all the money and lobbying effort spent on appeals. I remember Auburn Bank’s Gene Dulaney sobbing on behalf of his friend Mike Hubbard before sentencing this serial felon. Getting unsecured loans at the expense of stockholders and other competent businesspeople who could improve our general welfare over Hubbard’s political theft and cronyism wasn’t part of Dulaney’s diatribe. Sad the prosecution didn’t provide some I know who have been harmed by Hubbard’s reign before sentencing. Banks, over-paid coaches, friends, et al who provide even more money to postpone thieves and manipulators of this sort from finally meeting an unbiased, righteous reckoning are most deleterious.

It would’ve been refreshing to see public servant Gaines Lanier spend the time and effort devoted to Felon Hubbard addressing corruption at AU as a Board member. Not sure Bo knows of this, but as a senior statesman athlete, I would welcome letters on behalf of softballs girls raped, PUBA scandal and stand behind those exercising courage to discipline corruption of this sort at his alma-mater. I’d be similarly impressed if Dr. Steven Presley (East Alabama Health) would devote time and effort writing letters to discipline problems at EAMC insulated/subsidized by corrupt county commissioners and not following hospital requirements (championed by both Biden and Trump) to transparently post rates for standard procedures. Shilling for reducing a serial felon’s sentence is more important than patients and citizens who are taxed for this public endeavour.

George Mathison provided anecdotes as Hubbard’s former pastor, including Mike’s encouragement to write a book while serving as AU’s football team chaplain entitled, “Positive Thoughts from a Perfect Season.” According to Mathison (again from Mr. Hosey’s reporting) Hubbard and the Auburn Network published the book using profits from book’s sales to help fund the first Habitat for Humanity house in Auburn. “I just wanted to mention that with you to share with you the kind of person that I feel Mike is through his generosity to help a needy family in Lee County,” Mathison wrote to Walker. “That is just one of many examples that I could share of my experience with him as his pastor and friend and things about his life that I saw close-up that perhaps others did not.” Noticeably absent were any anecdotes about the hundreds of thousands of dollars harm and despair Felon Hubbard’s actions imposed on others. Perhaps Brother Matheson (Auburn UMC, retired) could rebuke “Belief in Mike Hubbard” and may better serve our community by advancing belief in God and shepherd a member of his flock toward being a penitent thief (as a justly convicted serial felon) to save his soul. Citizens already suffered Mathison kicking-off with more football talk appeal to jock adulators in his words to Judge Walker before sentencing Felon Hubbard.

Hubbard’s letter to Walker was also more impenitent thief rhetoric if readers want to read Mr. Hosey’s O-A News report. State prosecutors made their case for the Court to deny Hubbard’s request asserting no persuasive reason provided to justify this serial felon serving less than half of the reduced sentence the Court ordered 10 months ago. State prosecutors found Hubbard’s letter to the court “a good start,” but insufficient for release describing his apology “belated” explaining he could’ve provided it five years ago at his sentencing hearing and taken responsibility for his convictions. State prosecutors said, “When a public official victimizes the citizens of Alabama, an apology - even combined with talents and community support - does not justify leniency unavailable to average defendants. Hubbard should serve his sentence, just like everyone else.”

I’d be delighted to read what Bo knows as a family man. It was pure joy to watch and hear others rejoice about the wonderful job Bo did with his youngins and certainly earns even more respect given return to AU for completion of his degree in Family and Child Development. Again, as a senior statesman, most accomplished athlete, please investigate and weigh in on softball rape, PUBA scandal, etc. corruption at your alma-mater. No one can question Bo’s expertise/experience on rule changes, athletic accomplishments or say the merits of shotgun v. dead-ball snap for running-backs; if one wants a specific topic. What Bo knows on matters of this sort - I’m all ears. On issues of political corruption ‘you don’t need to know’ which have harmed so many… Just DON’T Do It!

I’ll once again close with Exodus 23 (KJV) applicable to those writing on Felon Hubbard’s behalf for further sentencing reduction:

1 Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

2 Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment AMEN!


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