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Border Disorder

The self-inflicted crisis on the border may be Biden's biggest disaster which is saying a lot for an administration in total turmoil. The out-of-control U.S. - Mexico border disaster has sparked stinging criticism for the Biden administration from both Democrats and Republicans, which is a difficult political feat. When asked why he has not been to the border, Biden said he has been too busy with, among other things, foreign travel. He has made one single trip. He also stated he has spent time at disaster areas. What does he think the border is? Biden has spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his two Delaware homes or relaxing at Camp David. Yet he is too busy for the 3-hour flight to the border on Air Force One. The truth is he does not want to draw attention to this disaster that a trip would create. As Salena Zito stated in the Washington Examiner "Life along the border collapses as Biden fiddles."

Biden appointed Kamala Harris as his "point person" on the border. After 94 days in this very important position, she stopped by for a photo op on her way to California at a processing center in El Paso. She stayed an hour and was on her way. This was in June. She has not been back.

On day one of his administration, Biden stopped construction of President Trump's border wall that would protect everyday citizens across the country from gang members, illegal drugs and human trafficking that flows across the border daily. One hundred million dollars worth of fencing lies in rusting piles near the border never to be erected by this administration. At the same time, he stopped border wall construction, Biden began planning to build a wall around his beach house. Of course, this wall will be paid for by the same everyday citizens whose safety he abandoned.

As reported by the U.S Border Patrol, over the last 12 months there were an all-time high of 1,731,767 illegal border crossings. Even worst, they increased almost every month after Biden took office. Projecting the last 4 months out to a full year, it projects to an astronomical 2,500,000. This is three times the population of Delaware, Biden's home state.

Historically these border crossings were Mexicans looking for work. Last year these illegal immigrants came from 150 countries, the majority seeking asylum. Under President Trump, these asylum seekers were told to remain in Mexico until their asylum claim could be heard. Under Biden, they are issued a ticket and told they can roam about the country as they please, just register for a court date. Some are even flown at taxpayer expense to all parts of the country on so called "Night Flights." These flights occur in the dark of night so as not to draw attention. The Biden administration is obsessed with vaccines but only for American citizens. These illegals are allowed to roam freely unvaccinated.

If granted asylum, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, they can access federal mainstream benefits. These include, but are not limited to, cash assistance through Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and health insurance through Medicaid.

There is a new caravan in Mexico, and it is on the way to our border. It contains tens of thousands of illegals according to numerous media sources. Many are carrying signs with President Biden's name while chanting Biden we are coming. When interviewed by Fox News and asked the question why are they coming now? They have one simple answer; Joe Biden invited us.

As President Trump stated "The United States will soon be considered a Third World Nation. There has never been anything like what is happening at our Border. Millions of people have already poured in, but many more than that are coming!"

Biden and his minions refuse to call this a crisis. Their actions indicate they do not even think this is a problem. Why? Open borders is their goal pure and simple. This is absolute madness. Biden took an oath to support the laws of the United States and he is flagrantly not enforcing these laws at the border. As Tucker Carson has stated, his actions or, more precisely, his inactions at the border are impeachable offenses and should be treated as such immediately.


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