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Imagine If You Will . . .

Living here in Montgomery, I like to watch our local news every night just to see what is going on. Not a knock on any other local stations but I am a WSFA guy. When I fly to a lot of similar sized cities around the country and see their horrible local news, believe me, we are lucky to have WSFA. They really are good at what they do. Valery Lawson, Josh Johnson, Mark Bullock, Ashley Bowerman, Courtney Chandler, Amanda Curran and the rest of the team are very professional and, yes, I appreciate their efforts.

All of this being said, I recognize their need to “hold back on the punches” when it comes to reporting certain news stories. But imagine if you will, a news broadcast that actually said the things most of us are already thinking but they were afraid to report. Imagine the following news broadcast. Dramatic music starts with station call letters and bright colors flying in from all directions. Then, “WIYF: Live, Local and In Your Face.” We see our two newscasters Jerome and Cindy.

Jerome: “Welcome folks to WIYF. The top headline tonight. Joe Biden selects Saule Omarova to be the Treasury Department’s comptroller of the currency. She is a USSR-born and educated professor who has recently advocated the ending of banking “as we know it” by moving Americans’ finances from private banks to the Federal Reserve.[i] Omarova, a Cornell University law professor, was chosen by President Biden to oversee the nation’s biggest banks and federal savings associations.”

Cindy: “Omarova faces a stiff challenge in confirmation hearings because of her many writings as a card-carrying communist. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), the ranking member on the Senate Banking Committee, said he had ‘serious reservations about her nomination.’[ii] “Ms. Omarova has called for ‘radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance including nationalizing retail banking and having the Federal Reserve allocate credit,’ he said in a statement.[iii] ‘I don't think I've ever seen a more radical choice for any regulatory spot in our federal government. She clearly has an aversion to anything like free market capitalism.’[iv] One report called her, ‘The archetypal Lenin loyalist destined to go far had the Communist world not crumbled’ and that ‘at the age of 17 was a proud member of the Komsomol ¬ the Young Communists.’[v]

“Despite reservations from many of the clearer thinking, non-socialist leaning members of the Senate, Omarova has gotten support from several members including, no surprise here, Fauxcahontas herself, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who called the nomination ‘tremendous news.’ Jerome, why in the heck would anybody consider putting a communist in charge of this American institution and then call it ‘tremendous’?”

Jerome: “I have no idea, Cindy. I’ve got nothing. It says here that she graduated in 1989 from Moscow State University on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. Hmmm, that should tell you something. Apparently, she has also called for the creation of a National Investment Authority (NIA), which would be ‘a public entity that would design, execute, and finance a comprehensive nationwide program of environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive growth and revival.’ Omarova's NIA could spend large sums of money on climate change free of any congressional approval or oversight.”[vi]

Cindy: “Nice. It says here that she is being defiant in not releasing her thesis on Marxism from Moscow State University. Her thesis titled ‘Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,’ is not only of interest to some members on the committee but should be of interest to all Americans. In an apparent attempt to hide her true thoughts and feelings, it has been reported that she may have deleted any references to her communist thesis ‘in the version of [her] curriculum vitae (CV) that is currently available on the Cornell Law School website.’ Her paper, however, appeared on her CV as recently as April 2017.[vii] But guess what, Jerome? Omarova is claiming that Republicans are demonizing her because she is, and I quote, ‘an immigrant, a woman and minority.’”[viii]

Jerome: “Of course she is. Standard, leftist playbook 101. Of course, it has nothing to do with her being a hard-core communist, right? It says here she went on to claim, ‘There is definitely a different standard applied to someone like me.’”

Cindy: “You mean a communist? Well, duh? Let me guess. She then said all the criticism against her is racist in nature?”

Jerome: “Yup.[ix] Okay, I am throwing up in my mouth right now. Let’s move onto some other nonsense that is going on.

Cindy: I agree. It has been reported that 1.7 million illegal immigrants. . .

Jerome: (Interrupting) Don’t you mean ‘migrants’ just wanting a better life? Ha, ha. Just kidding. Of course, you don’t. Please continue.”

Cindy: Laughing. “You almost had me there for a moment. 1.7 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border during this fiscal year.[x] More than 3 times the number from last year already and the most in our republic’s history. But up to 300,000 have escaped to the interior of the country. But our borders are ‘closed’ according to the White House.[xi] Right. Thanks, Brandon. The administration is still flying immigrants, under the cover of darkness, to many states around the country.[xii] More undocumented Democrats. So much for transparency. By the way, another group of illegal immigrants, some 40,000 strong is headed to our border as we speak. But of course, Brandon has absolutely no plan to effectively handle this invasion. It has also been revealed that these people apprehended at our border have come from 150 different countries, destroying the overblown narrative of the left. 46,000 alone have come from Brazil and their country recently told us they were not going to accept them back unless, of course, we vaccinate them or show a negative test.”[xiii]

Jerome: “Unbelievable. Of course, these numbers include the close to 60,000 Afghans that we have brought to America already. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.” He and Cindy wink at each other.

Jerome/Cindy: “Gotcha!!”

Jerome: “Well at least we have housed an equal number of homeless vets on American military bases as the 50,000 Afghans we have placed there. Oh wait. I read that wrong. Of course not. Do you actually think these guys care more for our vets than all the future Democratic voters? Not a chance. What was I thinking? But at least no little boys have been raped on those bases, right?”[xiv]

Cindy: “Well. uhhhhhh. . .”

Jerome: “Uh, at least I know they are not physically abusing women, right? After all, this is not Afghanistan and they have all assimilated, right?[xv] But of course they haven’t. Why would anyone expect that? At least here in the Gump, we didn’t see any riotous behavior at the Alabama National Fair this year. Oh wait, that was a dream I had. Of course, there was fighting.”

Cindy: “From the wire, here is a story hot from Philadelphia where a young woman was raped on a train while other passengers watched in horror as the assault took place.”

Jerome: “Cindy. . . .”

Cindy: “Okay, not so much “in horror” but in passivity as nobody came to the woman’s aid during the attack and nobody even called 911 but they had the presence of mind to take out their phones, video tape the assault and post it on social media. Model citizens one and all. The suspect has been identified as a Fulbright Scholar and. . .”

Jerome: “Cindy. . .”

Cindy: “Okay, he was an illegal immigrant from the Congo who overstayed his student visa and has had four previous arrests on his record including a sexual assault in 2017.[xvi] He was put in jail for a short stint but never deported, finally released and freed to continue his criminal ways in America.”

Jerome: “At least we can say that these federal judges definitely have the American people’s interests at heart over that of these invaders.”

Cindy/Jerome: “NOT!!”

Cindy: “Jerome, you have said ‘invaders’ twice. Isn’t that kind of a strong word?”

Jerome: “Look up the definition and get back to me. Finally, as the supply chain madness increases, the calls keep coming for Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to actually do something. It has been reported that he has been on paternity leave since mid-August with his husband and their two adopted children as this crisis spins out of control with hundreds of container ships waiting to be unloaded. When asked about it, White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended his absence saying that the leave was the policy of this administration and that they were not going to back down from it. For most people, I would agree but here is the kicker. When I had my first child, two days later I was deployed half way around the world. Nobody cared about my paternal rights. When my second kid was born, I was in a place I cannot even mention to this day. Buttigieg, as Transportation Secretary has a pretty important job to do and for two months, he did none of it. There is no excuse for this. None. Sorry. It has been reported that he did not even leave anybody in charge who effectively took over for him in terms of major day-to-day policy decisions, a ‘point person’ if you will.[xvii] He was effectively asleep at the wheel for two months and nobody seems to care. Unacceptable.”

Cindy: I’m sure his husband cares. And his dog. Does he have a dog? I dunno. Well, that is all the time we have tonight. We will see you again this time tomorrow.”

Jerome: “Goodnight and as always, this is In Your Face News.”



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