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  • Keys To Victory

    Ed Jones Football Writer|Jul 1, 2017

    Football in the Southeastern Conference is not just a game, it is a right of passage from one generation to another. Inter-marriages are not recommended. This writer has been to many stadiums over the years. The crowds at Ohio State and Notre Dame were almost as fanatical as a game in Bryant-Denny Stadium or in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The SEC is really where the action is. The following is a brief sketch of the players that must excel in order for their teams to make it to the SEC Championship....

  • The Quarterbacks

    Ed Jones Football Writer|May 1, 2017

    Every football fan wants to know who the quarterback will be. Nobody seems to care who the center and the two guards are. If the interior offensive line is not excellent, the quarterback will not matter. We sometimes forget that the center touches the football on every play. That makes the center the primary focus when building a successful offense at all levels of football except for professional football. Because of the high percentage of passes in the NFL it is much easier to move a guard to...

  • Passing Footballs to Passing Bills

    Ed Jones Football Writer|Apr 1, 2017

    When Crum Foshee was running through, over and around players at Red Level High School, neither he nor the citizens of Covington County realized that one day Crum would be the most powerful legislator in the Alabama Legislature. All Crum really wanted to do was help his daddy and his brother run one of the largest ginning operations in the south. The daddy, Wheeler G. Foshee had built quite a dynasty in Covington County. He was raising cotton, processing peanuts and shipping all over the...

  • National Championship!

    Ed Jones Football Writer|Mar 1, 2017

    Starting with the football season of 2014, a four team play-off was initiated by the NCAA to determine the real national champion on the football field, replacing the original two team BCS. The SEC has won or played in the last eleven play-offs. This four team play-off will not satisfy the football fans of American very long. Many are interested in an eight team play-off. Mark my word! That is the next step for the NCAA and the American Football Coaches Association. It won't be far away! Let's...