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The Road Ahead for America

"If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?" Psalms 11:3

Divine Providence is God Himself, directing History, through individuals, nations, and even in using Nature for Gospel purpose. America is a unique nation, in that we were founded through reliance on Providential History and we rejoiced in the Liberty that resulted; both religious and civil liberty.

Today, all of this is in danger, and American citizens are perplexed, confused, and mostly ineffective in the public square. There is an explanation for it all, and it centers in family life today, and in American education. Impacted also is the church of today, which is too often silent. Dr. Al Mohler had addressed this in his wonderful book, "We Cannot Be Silent." We recommend it highly.

Last month our Gazette article focused on the FACE conference in Virginia, in which our school ministry was honored. This is the Christian education program of the Foundation for American Christian Education. Theirs is the strongest Christian Education program in America that is consistent with Biblical Providential History. Early generations of Americans were so confident and knowledgeable about God's merciful Providence that the spiritual life and the cultural life merged without conflict and confusion. Schooling was based on God's Word as infallible. /FACE. net is the website to find more information and their educational materials that are available. No source in America has more of America's true Christian History and Education curricula for every age. We urge readers to check out the site: /

Their teaching consultant is Dr. Max Lyons, who is graciously available to answer questions. Also available is the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary, which is based on the English language of Liberty. I consider this extremely valuable for understanding Liberty and Christian History.

In today's culture, Christians are commanded to keep their spiritual life in the closet, and not invade the current culture of secularism. How have we come so far from the individual liberty that no other nation on earth has enjoyed?

Our Founding Fathers were taught Biblical law, and through that, they established a Constitutional government with limited powers. They assured the individual with rights of private property, freedom of conscience, and a free market, free enterprise system.

Families were responsible for the education of their children, and many of them were schooled at home. Local communities formed local schools, which reflected the Christian world view that the vast majority of families embraced.

James Madison declared that "Religion is the basis and foundation of government......before any man can be considered as a member of civil society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governor of the Universe."

John Adams declared, "Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."

What about public education today? The totally secular school has expelled God and His Word from the classroom and the textbooks. With moral absolutes omitted from the teaching, how can we attain moral character? It is no wonder that modern secular education is a threat to the American Christian Church and the Christian home.

This writer graduated from high school in 1948, and into our classrooms we were already being introduced to a conflict between Science and Religion. "Strange" theories, at least they were 'strange' to southern children at that time, were the writings of Hegel and Dewey, and others. John Dewey's "Experimentalism" rejected Supernaturalism, as did Rousseau. He followed Darwin in Evolutionary Science.

The influence of John Dewey is tremendous, with his embracing humanism, rationalism, and naturalism. With his current following in public education, it is no surprise that moral absolutes are missing from today's classrooms. The all-out WAR on true education continues. I read recently that we left the Bible's "Gospel of John" and turned to the "Gospel of John........Dewey" in Education. What a tragedy it has been to rob American children of their rightful heritage of individual religious and civil liberty.

More than 90% of American children know nothing of their rightful heritage as heirs of a Christian Constitutional Republic. Little do they know of the Pilgrims' landing at Plimouth in search of religious and civil liberty. They have never read the historical account written by William Bradford, governor of Plimouth Colony from 1620-1649. These devout Christians were known as the "stepping stones" of Liberty With their passion for true liberty, came Christian self-government, the value of Conscience, as well as the formation of a political union for government.

Scholars Misses Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater spent many decades writing from primary sources, the true Christian History of America. Their curriculum forms the basis for hundreds of Christian schools, known as Principle Approach Schools. Our school is one of the many indebted to those ladies and to their continuing Foundation. Our Emerald Mountain Christian School campus is blessed in its 51st year of school history. Our beginning was in 1965, in Marion, Alabama. It has been liberating throughout the years to use the FACE curriculum, and to have faculty and staff who have been serious students themselves throughout the process. We love and appreciate them all greatly.

Parents face a dilemma today about educating their children. Christians are commanded in Proverbs 22:6 to "Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

And Romans 12:2 has this solemn warning, "Be not conformed to this world...," but rather, as admonished in Lev. 25:10, "...proclaim Liberty throughout the land...."

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