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2020 Election: The Robe-Short Fuse

As we turn 3rd base, heading for home during this 2020 election cycle, I am grappling about what to discuss in this article, because there is a trojan horse, multi-layered choreographed theatre unleashed on America. It is like lighting the fuse on a pack of firecrackers and all at once there are these uncontrollable, loud, disruptive, unsettling and untraceable mental gymnastics dizzily swirling. All of this is sourced back to the Democrats. I have entitled this article, The Robe and Short Fuse.

I am struck with this thought, how can anyone who loves God, their family and this country find any plausible notion, sound reasoning and being honest with themselves vote Democrat. Voting Democrat is like being a wireless remote device that is turned on and off by the mother ship, because facts, reasoning and truth is not on the side of the DNC. The DNC has now folded and caved in on some of the wildest, insane and ludicrous 2020 issues that guarantee us becoming like Cuba, Venezuela and slaves to China. Let’s name a few!

Planning, financing and executing the fraudulent Russian-Trump saga for years is a starter. Misleading America and maligning a good man like Kavanagh during the judicial confirmation was heinous. Making a nothing burger Ukraine phone call, with an invisible whistleblower, based on hearsay and then elevating it to an unsuccessful and soundly rejected impeachment swindle. Cheering on $550 million in Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding and jubilantly celebrating abortion up to and after the live birth of an innocent baby is abhorrently sick. Protecting and cheerleading China, who launched a biological warfare attack (COVID-19) on the world and publicly wishing the virus would kill Trump is nauseating. And now we have firm evidence that Hillary Clinton, deflecting from her 2016 email scandal, planned, financed and executed the fraudulent treasonist Russian assault on President Trump. This act should criminally implicate the highest level of a Democrat presidency including Obama, Biden, Susan Rice (NSA), Brennan (CIA), Clapper (NIA), Sally Yates (DOJ) and Comey (FBI). Now they want to fund a baseless $10 Trillion Green New Deal, defund police and lock churches down, while cities are being burned by Democrat backed thugs. Still thinking about voting Democrat?

As you look at history, the fierce general election battle for president is never about who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for 4 years; it is about who is appointing the federal judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme Court. The loudest and most powerful Democrat lobby in Washington is Planned Parenthood, which gets $550 million in taxpayer funds, and they illegally spend $25 - $50 million every election cycle electing Democrats. In every general election presidential debate, abortion and Roe vs. Wade takes center stage. It is all about money, friends, taking the lives of innocent unborn children, not their sadistic political spins like reproductive freedom and choice. How can you possibly elevate choice over human life, there is NO Choice. The Democrats have used the federal courts for decades, advocating judicial activism, legislating and making new law (legal precedence) from the bench on their wild and contentious issues unable to pass in congress. The Democrats, at all cost permanently destroy lives desperate to keep the courts. It is all about the robe!

The Brett Kavanagh Judiciary Committee hearings were nothing short of dreadful and scandalous. The Democrats in their distressed and feverish attempt to control the courts fabricated a well-choreographed fiction, at best kangaroo court against a very good man. This article was written after Amy Coney Barrett was appointed by Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court, but before the hearing, which will be Kavanagh 2.0.

Democrats now want to use the courts to make DC and Puerto Rico as states, producing 4 more Democrat U.S. Senators. They also want to prove in court that the long-standing Electoral College is unconstitutional. There is also a move afoot to pack the Supreme Court with 2 to 4 new judicial activist members. Thus, unleashed Democrat control for decades and it is all about powerful and personal enrichment. Remember Hunter Biden, Ukraine and China and Joe Biden’s brother James, multiplied millions over and over.

Republicans greatly differ than Democrats as to what we want on the bench. We want strict constructionist and constitutional originalist on the bench; apply the constitution and not making new law from the bench. We want our justices when they put on that black robe to separate themselves from their families, political parties, lobbyist and also personal opinions on issues and apply

constitutional principles to the case; we do not want fabrications. I have found down through the years that constitutional rights, religious liberties, all freedoms and honest enterprises are very safe when a constitutional originalist is on the bench. Amy Coney Barrett has earned that noble title.

In villages and hamlets throughout Europe and in early America, the bell ringing in the town church tower sounded off to call the faithful to worship, public meetings and also served as an alarm. The shofar horn (Ram Horn) was used by the children of Israel to sound an alarm announcing danger to the masses.

After reading this article, I trust you have a short fuse. On our watch we have allowed these folks, who hate America and her greatness, to kill, steal, destroy and enrich themselves, while holding onto their thrones. Trump has been dealing with this 24-7, 365 days a year for 4 years, NO WONDER his fuse was short at the debate with Biden. When is enough, enough? I know my fuse is short and I trust you are with me.

Friends, in the strongest possible terms, our fuses should be short, all of us need to be ringing the bell with one hand, blowing the shofar horn with the other, compelling our families, friends, coworkers and neighbors to get the facts and VOTE REPUBLICAN. Our country is dispending on you.

All roads used to lead to Rome, now my friends, all roads lead to the ROBE!


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