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Elections Have Consequences

The run-off Senate elections in Georgia are the most consequential elections in American history. If the Democrats sweep these two elections, there will be no checks against a Biden Administration fully implementing its high tax, high regulation, globalist agenda. If the Republicans hold on to one of these seats, The Senate will have the ability to “throttle” the Democrat Agenda.

Close to home, Alabama Senator Richard Shelby is the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. This makes him the second most powerful Senator behind only Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. In this role he has been able to assure that Alabama receives its fair share of infrastructure spending like the recent upgrades to the shipping channels at The Port of Mobile. Under Senator Shelby Alabama received defense appropriations for Maxwell Air Force Base, Fort Rucker, the Anniston Army Depot, and Huntsville’s Redstone that could have easily gone to Military installations in other parts of the country. Thanks to Senator Shelby, Redstone

Arsenal is one of finalist for the Space Command Headquarters, which would mean 1,400 jobs and Billions of dollars for the Tennessee Valley. Alabama universities are at the front of the line for Research dollars. According to Politico and other sources his replacement would likely be Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

I cannot think of a Senator less in tune with the needs of Alabama and her people. Under Democrat control, Senator Shelby would be out of the loop during all important budget negotiations.

Under President Trump Defense spending has increased 17 percent allowing our Military to keep up with the vast amount of military spending from the Communist Chinese. Not once on the Campaign trail has Biden indicated that the defense budget would continue to rise. In fact, he rarely talked about our national defense. This cannot be good news for the large Military presence in Alabama. According to the Department of Defense, the Chinese Navy is now the world’s largest and we must continue to modernize and build ships. One of the major ship builders for the Navy is Austell located right here in Mobile.

The core piece of Biden’s economic platform is large tax increases on businesses both large and small. Biden’s tax plan would raise corporate tax rates by 33%, from 21% to 28%. Biden has also proposed doubling the tax rate of income earned overseas by U.S. corporations to 21% regardless of the taxes these American companies pay to foreign governments.

Together, these so-called reforms would impose one of the largest tax increases on large corporations and small businesses in American history.

According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, Biden’s plan would “reduce capital stock by 3.75%, damage retirement accounts; slow total economic growth, reduce the long-term GDP by 1.62%; lower wages by 1.15%. This would hurt tens of millions of working families; and reduce the number of projected jobs by 542,000.

Biden has promised since day one of his campaign an increase in the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. This wage mandate would cause more harm than good. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office noted in a 2019 analysis that a $15 minimum wage would almost immediately eliminate 1.3 million jobs nationwide. Over time CBO analysts stated the number of lost jobs will be millions higher. Low cost of living states such as Alabama would be especially hard hit by job losses. Employers, especially small businesses, simply cannot afford an immediate almost doubling of the minimum wage. Most affected in Alabama would be low skilled workers just entering the workforce.

Biden’s most radical promise is to do away with the American system of shareholder capitalism and replace it with “Stakeholder Capitalism” He championed this “Great Reset” on the campaign trail. The stakeholders would be defined by the Biden Administration and the global elite. What they determine is best for the community, the environment and the “national good” would become the basis for a company’s decision-making process. All of this at the expense of corporate earnings. Earnings which would have increased employees’ opportunities for advancement and increased wages. Small businesses would become an afterthought in this Great Reset.

Biden will be under great pressure to appoint activist Federal Judges who believe in making law from the bench to offset the strict constitutionalists appointed by President Trump. With a Democrat controlled Congress there is a real chance that Court Packing could become a reality not just a liberal pipe dream.

All of these radical promises by Joe Biden would require Congressional approval and cannot be accomplished with a Republican Controlled Senate. Georgia Senators Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler must be returned to the Senate.


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